How to create a Bohemian ambience in your house


While some people like to go for the standard interior styles, others don’t mind going a little out of the set parameters with slightly more unconventional and eclectic décor styles. If that is what you are aiming for, bohemian is the kind of ambience you need to cast in your living space. Now, bohemian is simply the fusion of different patterns, colours, and textures to create a laid-back yet inspiring mood. With our various luxury holiday homes across India, we are well adept with the impact of interior design and décor on the overall mood and character of a home. Reeling from our experience, here are a few tips to help you create that Bohemian ambience in your house.


Mix Textures and Colours

This casual and peculiar style is all about throwing in different textures and colours together aesthetically. Natural and organic fabrics like jute, linen, and burlap are mixed with a hint of luxurious textures like silk and chenille. Earthy hues are combined with some jewels and bright hues like pink, red, and purple.


Warm Lights

Warm lights make for an imperative part of bohemian décor. They add to the whole relaxed vibe of the décor, also bringing in a lively atmosphere in the room. These lights readily accentuate the couch, an art piece, the dining area or the kitchen.


Rugged Touch

One feature of bohemian style that makes it so unique and pleasing is the rugged and unfinished appearance to its décor elements. An old, rustic, and incomplete touch to them is what strikes a typical boho look.


Low Seating

Low seating marked by colourful and textured covers and cushions is one of the most crucial qualities of this ambience. It adds to the whole laid-back and inviting vibe of the place, facilitating meaningful conversations and congeniality.


Indoor Plants

Bringing the outside indoors with lively pot plants is one of the easiest and refreshing ways to bring in a bohemian ambience in your abode. A variety of plants can help complement the boho décor and elements of the space, while also reeling in positivity.

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Picture Courtesy: Andrea’s Notebook, Cromly Stories, Decor Aid, Amber and Honey and Apartment Therapy.