Travel Hacks for Monsoon Travellers



Traveling during the rainy months may not be the most preferred by everyone, but it sure does have many advantages; solace, reduced prices, and of course, the enhanced beauty of the Nature to name a few. However, although advantageous, there are quite a few hacks to keep in mind while holidaying during the monsoon that are important to keep in mind. These considerations encompass not only safety hacks but also those that facilitate better experiences. Here are a few.


Carry the Basics

Of course, your umbrella, rain jackets, and waterproof covers for your belongings go in your bag without saying. If you are heading to a destination that receives rainfall, keeping these basic essentials close is a given and extremely important.


Choose the Right Destination

While some places repel visitors during this season due to unpleasant and risky landscapes and conditions, others bloom and invite travellers. It is imperative to research well and come down to a location that is welcoming and safe in rains. We have luxury holiday homes for rent and sale in places like Goa, Coonoor, and Alibaug that are fairly pleasant and enjoyable even in monsoon. These destinations are also favourable to explore and revel in the charm of, during this season.


Choose the Right Accommodation

Once you choose the right destination, the next step would be to choose the right home. The beauty of monsoon is that it simply lies in the air, which makes it a feasible option to enjoy a holiday indoors, too, provided the right resources are available. Our Goa villas for rent and sale, and houses for sale in Nilgiris are designed in ways that make them enough for a vacation. They are stocked with luxury amenities and warm hospitality services that are conducive in making any holiday truly complete.


Carry a Safety Kit

Although safe, carrying a safety kit and a first-aid kit is crucial for everyone at any given location. Having flashlights, extra clothing, and extra batteries along with a fully-equipped medical kit is suggested to be in your packing list for your next trip in rains.


Keep Food Handy

Inaccessibility is not uncommon at areas with heavy rainfall. And although it is not a guaranteed occurrence, it is still advised to stock up basic and necessary food supplies with you at all times in cases of emergencies.

Fortunately, our holiday homes in Goa, Coonoor, and Alibaug are equipped with all the facilities to keep you safe and sound every season.


Picture Courtesy: Clear Trip, Zee News, Holidify, Parent Circle and Daily Hunt.