How to Make a Small Space Look Bigger


It is more than just the details that counts in a small room. Right from that artful décor near the closet to the kind of bed sheet on the bed. A small room can feel dauntingly congested and demeaning to the mood, which is why it is imperative to do something about it. And fortunately, it only takes a few design and décor tips to bring about that illusionary change.


Pull up the Curtains

The quickest and by far the most effective trick to make a small space look bigger, is to just let the natural light in. Open up the windows, pull up the curtains, and let the sun light enter in. This will not only bring in a positive and lively vibe but also brighten up the room and make it look more spacious than it is.


Paint it Soft

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Your preferences may not comprise of the soft hues, and you may be inclined towards the dark shades on the wall or other elements. However, if the room lacks in space, it is better to stick to a subdued palette. Pastels, neutrals, and other soft colours will not only add to the space but also make it look more inviting.


Declutter and Organize


If a room is already of a minimal size, one simply cannot afford to have clutter and unnecessary belongings lying around that will add to its constricted ambience. It is crucial to de-clutter and organize, keeping in mind of what is actually needed and what is simply taking up space.


Multi-functional Furniture


What essentially takes up most of the space in a room is the furniture. To avoid that, while still not having to compromise on the storage and convenience, multi-functional furniture is highly recommended. Moreover, it is suggested to place them against the wall to create more open space.

Designing the interiors of your home in ways that help strike the desired look is tricky but also immensely impactful. We pay attention to these intricate features to cast the right ambience at our luxury private villas in Goa and property for sale in Nilgiris. That is what makes them ideal for long weekend plans with friends and romantic weekend getaways throughout the year.