How to infuse traditionalism into your home


The Indian culture is as diverse as it is vibrant, which makes the traditional Indian décor elements just that. Now, with that diversity comes complexity and intricacy. And that is exactly what makes Indian interior design exotic and extremely artful. From bright colours and wood to motifs and hand-made décor, traditional interiors hold an unparalleled charm, and are known to bring a sense of homeliness. Here is how you can infuse traditionalism into your home and your holiday home.



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Reeling inspiration from the vast variety of Indian spices, one peculiar part of traditional interior is bright colours. Furniture, décor, and walls are usually splashed in shades of yellow, red, and other earthy tones. Although these shades can be welcoming and hence, overwhelming, one should deter from overloading one area of the house with them. There should be a sense of balance and proportion, which will ensure the right aesthetic of the room.


Wooden Accents

Wooden Accents

Indian craftsmanship reflects in its most authentic way through carvings. And wooden carved furniture or solid wood accents around the house make for a great way to bring traditionalism in a space. At our luxury villas in Goa, we use a lot of wooden accents too to enhance the appearance.


Indian Motifs and Patterns

Intricate designs and mandala, nature-based and religious or historical motifs on cushion covers, walls, show pieces, and other elements is an important element of Indian interior design.




Handicraft has been greatly relevant to Indian heritage and culture. Naturally, it contributes largely to an Indian home. Handmade clay pots, crockery, sandalwood, and utilisation of fabrics on furniture and wall – these are some tricks to incorporate our country’s rich artisanal value into our modern home.



Statement Indian paintings and art pieces around the house add life to the abode, while also staying true to the traditional value of the culture.

We believe in reflecting the essence of the land a home is built on. We think it reels in authenticity and rawness to the living space. Having said that, our luxury villas in Goa and houses for sale in Nilgiris exhibit their land and area’s heritage and culture thoroughly through the elements that we use to beautify them. After all, traditional value is meant to be treasured.