All things cool this summer!



Why Villa Loto Bianco is The Perfect Choice For Your Summer Getaway

There’s no better way to spend this scorching summer than enveloped in the charm, beauty and coolness that Isprava’s Villa Loto Bianco promises.

Isprava’s Villa Loto Bianco

Isprava’s Villa Loto Bianco sits amidst lush green fields, in one of North Goa’s most charming locations in Siolim. As soon as you come inside, you will be welcomed to cool white interiors and a long corridor that is peppered by artwork leading you into big airy rooms. The laterite stones used in the making of the home keeps the place cool in this summer heat. The old-world staircase will take you up to beautifully decorated bedrooms featuring four-poster beds, cozy corners and antique furniture. Then as the sun sets, we suggest you to take a dip in the azure pool, overlooking Goa’s green vistas before moving to the cool verandah, a perfect reader’s corner. In the evening, have a barbeque in the outdoor dining area, a favourite of many who have been here.

This four-bedroom home is the perfect summer escape, with a view that you won’t be tired of, no matter how long you stay. The vantage point is most definitely the stunning terrace garden and bar lounge, where parties and get-togethers can go on till the wee hours of the morning. The best part: the home is tucked away in a quaint area away from the frenzy, yet close enough to your favourite beaches, bars and restaurants, should you want to venture out.


Isprava’s Cool Colour Guide For Your Home

How do you beat the heat in style this summer? Flood your interiors in the coolest colours!  Isprava shares with you its summer pantone shade card.

Isprava's Cool Colour Guide For Your Home

The season demands it: a crisp, refreshing update to your interiors with the happiest colour schemes of the summer. Think glasses of lemonade and vases filled with daffodils. Yup, we are talking about marigold yellow – one of our absolute favourite summer hues. Not only does it revamp any space with a splash of brightness, but at the same time, it creates a sense of warmth and coziness. What’s more, it pairs great with both light and dark colours and gives a fine balance your space needs. Another summer winner is sky blue – incorporate this cooling hue via wall tiles, sinks, chairs or vanities. It pairs beautifully with greys, whites, blacks, mustard or even green. And if you find sky blue too pale for your taste, you can always go for a light turquoise – exuding the perfect beachy Caribbean vibe. It’s calming, soothing and such a versatile shade. If you tend to go safe when it comes to colour, beige is a classic summer shade. It adds a touch of modern whimsy and helps juxtapose stronger accents like graphic wall art or colourful throw pillows, making your space look luxe and cool in equal measures.


The 9 to 5 at Isprava

Here’s a sneak peek into the good life at Isprava. The way we vibe, work and wield success through an inclusive office culture designed to inspire great minds.

The 9 to 5 at Isprava

A desk job can sound like a drag most of the times. But not when you are at Isprava. Right from our open workspaces to our team building activities, Isprava believes in an engaging work dynamic with everything it does. It identifies that creating a good culture goes beyond typical perks like annual bonuses, and crafts an atmosphere where people feel positive, purposeful and a part of something bigger than just the role they are in. We have fun and enticing workspaces, from our meeting rooms to the break rooms and even our glass cabins – designed to stir creativity, develop a more relaxed environment, foster inventiveness and bring people together We encourage team lunches in our beautiful al fresco area where we brainstorm on what it takes to succeed over delicious yummies. The setting also gives people a chance to get some fresh air. Our team outings like bowling and dinner nights encourage bonding outside the workplace, helping everyone to get to know each other on a more personal level. Such opportunities do not always arise during the daily grind. But one of our most enterprising initiatives is our “Shadowing Program”, where we give each employee the chance to shadow a senior member from the team across departments, to get the chance to learn from them and provide a sense of approachability. At the end of the day, we want to motivate the people around us, and while every company has rules, our main one is to inspire and be inspired.


On the Frontlines of Style 

An incredible entrepreneur with his eye on the prize, Dhimaan Shah, Managing Director of the super successful fashion styling portal StyleCracker talks to us about his rocketing endeavour, and what style means to him.

Dhimaan Shah

1. Tell us about your StyleCracker journey? What were some of the biggest challenges, and some of the most exciting successes
StyleCracker is the personal stylist to every Indian. Our platform is able to style thousands of consumers each day by using several data points around their preferences, likes, dislikes and other factors. What is most important to us is to build a scalable platform while still maintaining a very personal connect to each of our customers. So, on one hand, we are styling thousands of customers and shipping out several thousand products a week while on the other hand, each customer has to have a truly unique experience with us. Ensuring that we really understand our customers’ preferences and translate that to what they receive is always a key focus area for us.

When it comes to successes, I believe that our business is incredibly dynamic and we don’t have too much time to rest on our laurels. Having said that, I think the amount of sophistication that we have built around personalization in the fashion space is truly remarkable. The other commendable achievement has been our team’s ability to have built our offline business into being India’s largest fashion festival in a very short amount of time.

2. How would you describe your personal style?  
Classic and minimal.

3. What is your favourite fashion capital in the world, and why?
Mine would be Milan and New York. Milan because people from every strata of society dress effortlessly well; and New York because people there, use fashion to truly express themselves and their various personalities.

4. StyleCracker marches on with the concept of personalization at its core. Much like we do at Isprava. How do you think personalised experiences make a difference?
We truly believe that consumers are rapidly moving away from standardization and seeking incredibly unique products and experiences. This was bound to happen across the board given that every individual is so unique and their preferences are so different. The need for personalization is even more abundant in fashion and StyleCracker is the only platform in the country that can provide it to millions of customers at scale. The customer stickiness is tremendous if you are able to predict and cater to their preferences across any category. So, if any business really focuses on providing unique experiences to their customers, they will inevitably succeed in the long run.

5. It’s all about access, and StyleCracker does it the best. Tell us more.
It’s actually quite a juxtaposition. Consumers today want to be part of something exclusive and yet they all want access to it. When it comes to fashion, the way that it has been distributed all this while is broken. And the rapid ascent of companies like StyleCracker is inevitable since consumers want a personalized experience combined with tremendous value. Our ability to style and send the right products to each consumer at scale is basically another way of providing insider access to a vast audience. For this to be effective, there has to be a fairly seamless integration of technology, data, style and product. Tinkering intelligently with all these moving parts is key to our business and to providing access to the best fashion in the most relevant manner to millions of consumers.

6. If you had to spend a weekend away from all the StyleCracker frenzy, which Isprava home would you pick and why? 
My two favourite Isprava homes are Villa Vivre and Villa Cecelia. Villa Vivre because of how effectively Isprava has managed to use the space to build this beautiful home with all the attention to detail. Villa Cecelia due to the size of the home, the location of the plot and the expanse of greenery surrounding it.