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Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home

15th May 2019


To serve functional purposes or to simply bring out the character of a room, carpets are a boon in the interior décor industry. They serve as an important element in home décor with their texture, mood, and of course, the utilitarian advantages. Now, choosing the right carpet for your home can be tricky, considering that it is not only their appearance that has to be taken into account. To guide you through that for your home or your luxury private villa, we have doled out some factors to help you pick the right carpet.




The exterior surface of a carpet is what we would refer to as its style, which is ideally the yarn or the weaves of the item. The most common ones used are Saxony, Frieze, Berber, textured, and Plush. For dining rooms and formal areas of the house, Saxony and Plush are highly preferred, considering their refined look. But these are also inappropriate for active rooms since they show marks and footprints. For such concerns, Berber, textured, and frieze styles of carpets are extremely favourable.




The fibre of the carpet is another factor that determines the durability and utility of it in a space. The most popular choice for years has been nylon, owing to its durability and functional advantages. Polyester is another great alternative, providing an elegant look and stain resistant qualities.



The kind of carpet you choose eventually depends on the room and its purpose. For large living rooms, it is often suggested to cover most of the space with the carpet. For smaller living rooms on the other hand, it should be of a moderate size so as to cover the coffee table area. Dining rooms and bedrooms also exhibit luxury when all the furniture is neatly placed on the carpet.

We believe these little décor elements count for more than we give them credit for. Our villas for sale and rent in Goa and houses for sale in Nilgiris use these wisely and effectively as to create a space where one can attain relaxation and unwind well.


Picture Courtesy: Decoist, Houz and the Spruce.


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