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Goa in May

23rd Apr 2019


Goa in the month of May may not be as buzzing as the beginning and end of the year, but it can be magically rejuvenating. Some may believe this is not the ideal month to pay Goa a visit. However, we would say, there is something that this coastal town offers, no matter the temperature and the season. In the scorching month of May, though, you may be met with a little bit of heat, but on the positive side, you will also be met with some stunning advantages. Here are a few ways these perks can side-line the May heat for you in Goa.


Revel in Isolation

The best part about spending the summer in Goa is that you get to witness the Goa there was before the commercial affairs took over. Complete with clean, empty beaches, relaxation, and a laid-back experience in isolation is essentially the perfect time to revel in Goa’s soulful vibe. You will have access to the entire beach destination without the interference of other tourists, that too with appealing prices for accommodation and other facilities.


Igitun Chalne

Although a religious festival, Igitun Chalne attracts all kinds of attendees every year in the month of May. Held in the temple of Sirigaon in Bicholim Taluka, the fest includes the ritual of walking on a path of burning coal as a way to pay respect to Goddess Lairaya. This religious event is followed by some moments of merriment. This fest is attended by tourists from the entire state and beyond.


Summer Savours

Goa is known for its beaches. However, we cannot ignore the culinary benefits of these months. Since May is officially the season of Mangoes, when in Goa, you can treat yourself to these ripe sweet delights satisfyingly. Moreover, Kokum sherbet is one imperative part of the local Goa lifestyle, and one simply cannot compromise on that.

The way we look at summer in this coastal paradise in a nutshell is simply some leisurely spent days, unwinding at the comfort of our luxury villas for sale and rent in Goa, soaking in the tranquil side of the town.

Picture courtesy- Dazling Goa

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