Five Interior Design Mistakes to Learn From

Welcoming decor ideas for the guestroom


Interior designing is also one form of art and design, which makes it prone to a lot of creative errors. Out of all the interior design mistakes that people make, there are some that are commonly made and may not exactly be realized until pointed out. It is better to know what they are; so when you do go full-fledged into designing your home, you know what mistakes you have to steer clear from. Here are some of that we make sure we avoid when we build our luxury homes across India.



What a lot of people may consider as home décor may instead be a design faux pass. Mixing a lot of elements, furniture or show pieces in one place may seem like a good option at first, but it may prove to be a disastrous mistake. Balance and proportion is what is to be kept in mind when allotting furniture and décor pieces around the house.


Too many open spaces

One may also believe that having a few open spaces in a home may give an impression of a bigger house, which to a certain extent, it does. Although open spaces are important, too many of them may end up making the house look bland and dead.


Neglecting Functionality

Often, the factor of functionality gets neglected over the aesthetic appeal of certain elements. To create a particular impression, you may grant more importance to the look and character of a décor piece than its utility, which is one of the most common mistakes.


Forcing in Heirlooms

It is good to add a personal touch by incorporating heritage furniture into the house. However, as individualized as it may look, it may or may not fit with the rest of the house or the contemporary design trends. So when you wish to place an heirloom in your house, ascertain that it complements the overall aesthetics of your abode.


Plain white walls

An empty, plain stark white wall may sound like a reasonable idea if balancing out other loud elements is what is on your mind. However, it is certainly a legitimate design mistake. Having a white wall is not a flaw. What makes it a mistake is leaving it completely empty.

These are some common interior design mistakes to be avoided when you design your own house. Nevertheless, it is always wise to consult with a professional. After all, your home is more than just bricks and walls.

Picture Credits: MyDomaine, Homebuilding and Renovating, Decor Aid, Livingston Furniture and Tripadvisor.