What we aim to achieve this year

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2018 was an eventful year for us; there were novel plans, new goals, some toiling to achieve them, and of course, some honours to our name. This was in the past year. Now, with us venturing into another eventful year, it is time we build a new set of goals, plans, and brace ourselves for some more recognition in the luxury real estate realm.

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Isprava was developed with a clear vision of designing and building luxury holiday homes across India. The vision remains the same, but with augmented determination and grander schemes. We look at building more homes in the most soothing locations in the country. In addition to the existing properties in Kotagiri and Coonoor, we are looking to extend our services onto Alibaug soon. We also harbour plans for marking International locations with our holiday homes and design aesthetics in the long run. However, in the coming year, we see ourselves inching closer to our aspiration of setting up vacation abodes pan India.

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Hospitality is another service we wish on pursuing with the same vigour. Although, our work primarily encompasses the development of luxury holiday homes for rent and sale from scratch, refurbishing old houses have also taken up space on our agenda for the year. We are on the lookout for old homes that can be renovated the Isprava-esque way, and be made to have a new identity altogether.

luxury villas in goa


The drive to keep serving in the real estate fraternity with enhanced calibre is what our vision largely comprises of. It was crafted with the sole purpose of designing a home away from home, at stellar destinations. The purpose still remains the same, but with every passing year, it gains more strength and momentum. This year as well, along with our core mission, there is growth, more projects and a stronger relationship with our clientele. We look forward to seizing these goals!