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How to incorporate Pantone colour of the year into home décor

23rd Jan 2019


With every passing year, we get introduced to a hue that rules the world of art and design for the entire year. Pantone colour of the year is what sets the base for the forthcoming trends in the creative and artistic industries. After the recent revelation of the Pantone colour of the year, the fashion and interior realms, in particular, are expected to be etched with that hue. Speaking of the chosen colour of the year, describing it as warm and spirited would be apt.

Living coral is as much a subtle hue as it is a vivacious one. It strikes a balanced impression of energy and calmness, and is hence, suitable to create a buoyant atmosphere with sophistication. This is just another cue for us to adopt this shade into our living space now. Here are some ways.


Bold Walls

Painting a wall of the house is an undeniably easy décor feat. Although a cake-walk, the same can be tricky. The wall you choose to paint and the colour you choose to paint with, play a very imperative role. The hue, living coral, on an abandoned wall is bound to create an ambience of liveliness and luxury.


Dining Chairs

This nature-friendly tint carries a sense of homeliness and comfort with it. The same is to be conveyed by dining chairs drenched in this elegant yet quirky colour. Having coral chairs to a dining table is a great way to reel in positivity and boost light-hearted conversations during your meals.


Statement pieces and accents

A living coral side table or a lamp in the corner of the room would make for some great ways to incorporate this optimistic hue into your home interiors. Statement show pieces or furniture, light accents in the form of curtains, throw pillows or bedsheets are capable of adding the coral charm to your house in the right essence.

With our holiday homes across Indiavillas for rent and sale in Goa, and properties in Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri, we take the role of colour and design trends as seriously as the functionality of other interior elements. Given that, we believe that every colour has its own mood, and Living Coral has one that is highly favourable for one’s abode this year.


Picture courtesy: Pantone, Decoist, Relane and Overstock.

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