Travel, Isprava’s Way of Life…

Villa Loto Bianco – rent it now!

Go on a vacation but do it the right way! Go to Villa Loto Bianco, we say. The newest Isprava home is up for rent, waiting to become your perfect escape.

Forget luxury five-star hotels. Isprava’s newest villa will out-charm each and every one of them. For one, it is an absolute masterpiece. With floor to ceiling Portuguese windows, glorious arched doorways, cute balconies, antique furniture and unspoiled landscapes—you will fall in love with every nook and corner of this four bedroom home. The central courtyard anchoring the home is enveloped with creepers and flowers, making you feel like you are doused in nature. The azure pool will call your name, for you to enjoy long, relaxing evenings as you gaze out at the Goan vistas that lie ahead of you. And while the outside of the villa is stunning, the interiors are even better. Exuding an old-world charm, the home is yet embellished with every luxury and amenity you can think of. What is more, the bedrooms have been decorated to make you feel right at home. One thing is certain; the views of the endless lush green paddy fields are a sight you will never tire of. Despite being located in the secluded area of Siolim, Villa Loto Bianco is close to all your favourite beaches, markets, restaurants and bars, making this indeed, the perfect escape.


When your décor reflects your travels

Turn your wanderlust into the style of your next room makeover project. We promise- it will only inspire you to travel more!

Whether it is the ancient sights of Roma, the beautiful beaches of Indonesia, temple ruins of Thailand or snowy slopes of Canada—always bring a little bit of your travels when you come home. It not only keeps the memories of your travels alive but adds unique charm and personalisation to any space. Bringing back bits and pieces of other cultures brings a timeless appeal to the room. Visit local flea markets and pick up interesting accessories that beg others to ask, “where is this from?”. From handcrafted items to picture frames, sculptures, books, and indigenous textiles, it all lifts the look of a room. Vintage is still a very big trend, so we suggest keeping your eye out for antique travel trunks, which can easily transform into a unique-looking coffee table. An idea we love is incorporating a picture wall, highlighting a few of your favourite photographs of your travels, in a grid format or on an accent wall. The best part about souvenirs is that you can transform ordinary things into objects d’art. Try grouping your collectables together and arranging it on one corner of the room, making it an interesting focal point, and a great conversation starter.


2019 Travel Goals

Make this New Year all about exciting new travels, adventures and off the beat track experiences. After all, if not now, then when?

The goals you need to set at the start of this year should focus on you and this big, wide, beautiful world. Make a list of those places you have never been to before. Become a global citizen. Turn into a smarter traveller. Make your travel resolutions, and we are sure they will be easy to keep, more than any other resolution before. Here are some ways to start off with…

  1. Cross off another continent from your list – Go somewhere totally unfamiliar and new. Where the culture is totally different from yours, the language is one you do not speak and the food consists of flavours you have never tried before. We are sure you will come back richer… with experience.
  2. Take a solo trip abroad – It seems like a scary thing to do, but once you do it, you will understand how liberating it is. By going solo, you not only get the much-needed me-time that you lack, but you also get the opportunity to meet like-minded people from different cultures, and make long-lasting friends, and a greater network!
  3. Try volunteerism – This is one of the best kinds of travelling that combines tourism with a good cause. It is when you contribute your time to work for organisations outside your home country. And trust us, the feeling of accomplishment you come back with, is simply amazing. Pick a cause close to your heart, find it on the map, and just go!
  4. See more of your own country – We often travel all around the world, across the seven seas, without having discovered our own hidden gems, within our home country. This year, make sure you explore destinations closer to home, yet fulfilling in their own distinct ways.


Changing the face of design

Every nook and corner of the store exudes class and comfort and perfectly resonates the sossegado aura of Goa. In conversation with Anjali Mody, the lady behind the experiential design atelier, And So

1) What inspired your store And So? They call you the design disruptor – tell us more.

And so came from a sheer need to make it easy and enjoyable to shop products for homes. As a product and space designer, my strive for perfection is endless, And So- having a place where I can find everything under one roof was a very appealing idea for me.
I see And So as a space where the everyday consumer can step into the world of design and linger there just long enough to fall in love. The disruptive store in Goa is a haven of calm and curation. I hope people see it as an experience more than just a store.

2) They say when you walk in, it feels like love at first sight. Why?
The store brings a sense of familiarity to guests walking in for the first time. Moving away from the cookie cutter format of retail, the store’s unorthodox setup allows customers to walk into liveable spaces instead of racked up products.
That is why the love flows when the clutter goes.

3) How do you define your personal spaces? What kind of furniture do you love?
My personal space is a mixture of comfort with quirk. My home is filled with random objects collected from different parts of the world. It has always been important for my home to be a reflection of my personality- Wild yet balanced.

You will usually find my home filled with natural light, a plethora of plants everywhere, finally complete with 5 pets. My furniture usually fashions on contemporary with a twist of art deco, giving my home a comfortable touch.

4) Tell us about an Isprava home that has left an impression on you, and why it has?
Villa Verde was the first Isprava house I saw almost 2 years ago. The home had a very familiar vibe. What left an impression on me was the sense of openness and vastness that came with it. Even though the plot of land was considerably modest, the way the house was laid out, along with the material choices made it feel like a home I could grow old in.
It is unfortunate I did not bring my bags along with me; would have never left!

5) 5 things you love about Goa…
Goa is wild
Goa is balanced
Goa is nature filled joy
Goa is quiet
And now…
It is finally home!