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Perks of Moving Away From the City Life

13th Jan 2019


There are two kinds of people; the first kind may yearn for the peace and tranquillity of the countryside but may ultimately find comfort in the rush of the city life and there is the other kind, who may live and adapt well to the fast metro life but may call the nature, home. Having said that, even the city folks somewhere down need a break.

Whether you are simply considering moving away from the city life or just for a limited tenure, let Isprava run you through the advantages you’ll be welcoming in with that decision.


A treat to the senses

Moving away from the city life indicates a contrasting image of what routine life really looks like. That would include immense privacy, pristine views, fresh air, uncongested roads, etc. in short closer to nature and it is no news as to what natural surroundings bring to one’s senses.


Peace and Quiet

Nature and peace go hand in hand! Moving away from the city life to rural land is bound to bring peace that often goes amiss in the hustle of the metropolitan lifestyle.


Limited Stress

The country life is not as complex and competitive as the urban ways. Stress is part of every lifestyle. However, moving to the country promises unnecessary stress that the city conventions offer.


Stimulated Thinking

A setting that is so raw and fresh is bound to boost imagination and develop free thinking. It is undoubtedly an ideal retreat for creative professionals!


Mental Wellness

In an era where mental illness is on the rise, the best medicine for a disturbed mind is the living world that is chaste and untouched. The same can only be found at places away from the city life!

Understanding the importance of residing away from the megalopolis, we choose such prime locations to design luxury villas across India. Our houses for sale in Goa and properties in Coonoor, Ooty and Kotagiri offer all the perks of moving away from that city life while also adhering to the contemporary amenities!

Picture courtesy: Coonoor Tourism and Desert Health News,

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