Wall Hues that Inspire Creativity

Wall Hues that Inspire Creativity


Every colour exhibits a certain mood, a character and an ambience. When it comes to your home, where comfort, positivity and security are prime; choosing the right hues is utmost imperative. Your workplace is another place you spend most of your time in. And, needless to say, your workspace needs to be able to impart more than just comfort and positivity through its interior. There also needs to be a source of inspiration that boosts creativity and productivity while also being able to moderate the inevitable stress.

Whether it is your home that needs a makeover to get your creativity moving or it is your workspace that needs a prolific update, a splash of one of these hues on your wall will be conducive here!



Besides being eye-friendly and known to reduce eye strain and anxiety, green is a colour that boosts creativity. It inspires originality, restores energy and revitalizes your senses all at once. A green wall in your office or your study room is bound to spark inventiveness and innovation in your work and ideas.



Blue is associated with calmness and tranquillity. Naturally, the colour encourages concentration, clarity and hence, creativity! Great for boardrooms, this hue enforces clear communication, fosters trust and aids smooth brainstorming.



People who are essentially from the traditional creative industry would do wonders with shades of purple on their office wall. This colour not only cultivates imagination but also promotes unconventionality and raw creative expression.



Ideally a vibrant tint, orange is supposed to be sending out waves of energy and positivity. In addition to its core nature, an orange wall will have a massive impact on your confidence and in turn your expression. It will influence your self-esteem and in turn, your self-expression. This warm hue will also stimulate mental activity and allow free thinking.

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Picture credits: Hum Ideas, Chowbell, Home edit, Asian Paints and Dotts Design