Best location for home away from home

Best location for home away from home


Vacations, lately, have become a dire necessity. A break from the monotonous routine is needed to replenish ourselves; it helps us get back to the groove with a fresh and a positive mind. Now, with the increasing wave of awareness on the importance of occasional escapes, there has been a hike in the idea of investing in a holiday home. People are realizing the perks of having a home away from home and delving into the whole process.

We know what purposes a holiday home serves and we also understand what fulfils these purposes. Having stationed our luxury holiday homes in Goa and houses for sale in Kotagiri and Coonoor, we can help you choose your ideal home and accordingly the best location for your holiday home.


In Nature’s Lap

It is no secret that nature helps to rejuvenate. Fresh air, an expanse of pristine green views and immense tranquillity; being in close proximity to nature is what everyone needs once in a while. Having said that, nature’s bosom is where your holiday home should be.



Spending your holidays in a lavish house that is perched on a hill, amidst lush green trees with the sweet sound of waterfalls and the chill of fog; wouldn’t that be an ideal escape from the city life? Well, you get the peace that you don’t find in the metro lifestyle. You get the headspace to introspect and revive your perspectives. What more would you need from a vacation!



A vacation includes relaxation, yes but it also involves activities that bring the right amount of thrill and energy to you. A destination that also offers a good dose of adventure along with rejuvenation is what we would call best for a holiday home.

After spending time at your holiday home, you are bound to feel fresh and re-energized, ready for your regular day in the city. You need an abode in a place that caters to all the factors that lift you; soothing weather, adventure opportunities and surrounding that heals and there is nothing more stimulating than all these qualities available in one land!


Picture courtesy: Livingit, BMC India, MouthShut and Thrillophilia