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Why Your Home Needs Warm Lights?

09th Jan 2019


Cool, white lights impart energy in a room whereas warm, yellow lights bring a sense of relaxation in a space. If cool lights are apt for kitchens and study rooms, warm lights are suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. Lighting is not just important for the ambience of your house but also your mood. The kind of lights your room has depends on the purpose of that space; few rooms are to unwind while others require you to put in some effort to make it your respite. Warm tones fit some decor requirements just accurately. Let’s run through the functions of these lights and why certain parts of your home need them.


Cosy Living Spaces

Yellow lights relax your mood, helps you unwind and wrap you in comfort. Owing to this effect of warm light, you can generally find them in bedrooms and living rooms. LED lights of this hue are often also seen hidden under false ceiling and behind the LCD TV to create a faint glow. This sets a peaceful vibe, which is ideal for the end of a tiring day.


Soothes your senses

Yellow lights are also said to have a healing effect on people who suffer from depression or anxiety. It impacts the mind with its soothing function and is an instant mood elevator for some people. Then again, this may also differ from person to person.



Lastly, it is no secret that warm lights transform the ambience of a room. Hotels, restaurants and luxury boutiques use warm white or soft white lights for the very same reason. It creates a contrasting laidback yet sophisticated aura and is hence, popular with luxury properties.

Our luxury homes in India also use just the right balance of warm and cool lights to create the desired vibe. After all, lighting of a house is a key factor to break or make the mood!


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