How to choose the right curtains for your home

How to choose the right curtains for your home


The kinds of curtains you choose have a massive impact on the vibe of your home. A room can be framed as gloomy or positive, dull or inspiring, relaxed or boisterous; all simply with the fabric, style and length of the window drapes. To create a certain desired mood in your house, choosing appropriate curtains is just as crucial as other interior design elements like the light and the colour of your wall.

Having established that expertise in adding a combination of vibrant character and understated luxury to our villas in Goa and properties in Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri, we are well-versed with the role of curtains in a house. Whether you are furnishing a new home, refurbishing it for the holiday season or you simply wish to switch the vibe of a room; here are a few points that will make the process smoother.


Light and Privacy


Your living room deserves curtains that enhance the whole space. And natural light seeping in through them is the best way to do so. Sheer, linen or light cotton curtains will do the job here. They will filter in just enough light to keep the living room vibrant and enough to sustain your privacy. On the other hand, bedrooms that may require more privacy may use drapes made with thicker fabrics. Alternatively, if you wish to add some drape drama to any of your rooms along with augmented privacy then fabrics like suede and velvet are an ideal choice.




The next thing to consider while shopping blinds for your house is the kind of style you prefer and want; the colour being the key factor here after the quality. If subtlety is what you want to convey then neutral shades should be on your list. If bold is what speaks your personality better; your curtains can impart the same with a darker palette. Lastly, some vibrant pop colours combined with light hues can add that spark of inspiration in a room very conveniently. The colour of these can be dramatically tuned to a different impression with the texture and the pattern of the chosen fabric too.


The fabrics, based on the desired light and privacy along with the overall style are essentially the main factors to keep in mind while choosing the right window drapes. However, the length and the prints prove to be a miscellaneous feature to consider. Nevertheless, now you know what you can do to redefine the mood of your abode without renovating the entire house!