Why is décor important for your home?

Why Your Home Needs Warm Lights?


A lot of thought goes into planning the ideal décor for your home. Needless to say, the landscape can also have a massive impact on mood. There is a reason why we have been building and designing homes, beautifying them and emphasizing on home décor since inception. Placing a few artefacts and bringing about minimal changes can have a positive impact on you.

 Your House Speaks

A simple change in wall colour, adding some show pieces on the side table and letting some fresh flowers breathe in a glass vase can affect how you feel. Decorating your home according to your choice adds a certain kind of vibe, and every kind of décor conveys a different feel, which then translates into your mood.

Home Maker’s Reflection

Your home is your reflection. What people perceive when they are in your abode speaks volumes about you. More than the layout of your house, what matters is the design and decor. It is safe to say that one of the best and the most feasible ways of self-expression is making and maintaining your house; to portray your personality through your house is easy and natural.


We consider home décor not just as a profession but as a way to channelize our creativity and expression. Keeping that in mind, we put all our efforts into building and then accessorizing an ideal holiday home for you in Goa and Nilgiris. After all, home décor goes beyond just enhancing the mood of a home!