The Importance of Community Living


More and more people are opting for gated communities these days; if not a   permanent residence, there is an inclination towards the idea of holiday homes in gated communities. When we ventured into that realm, we did so with the evident buzz around community living, and the various benefits that it brings along for the residents. There is a sense of belonging and security. There is proximity with like-minded people and learning; there is celebration, mental wellness and support in every way.

Although we have been building and designing luxury villas for rent and sale in Goa and properties in Ooty, Kotagiri and Coonoor, the idea of community living intrigues us immensely. Having recently entered the gated community lifestyle in Goa, we can very well talk about why it is a good investment for us today, in every way. Here are a few reasons why we believe community living is good not just for our social and cultural well-being but also mental.

 Social Culture

The way we live today comes with its pros and cons. One primary disadvantage of our current lifestyle would be the lack of social touch. Living in a setting where you have your privacy intact yet being able to communicate and interact with different kind of people is beneficial in building and enhancing your social connections.

Mental Benefits

Social benefits come with mental benefits. A good social circle ensures security and support in times of hardships and difficulty. At the same time, it brings causes of celebration. Socializing is important to us and that is one reason why living amongst a crowd like your own is mentally uplifting too.

Facilities and Amenities

Living in a gated community also means that you have access to engaging in curricular facilities that you would not otherwise have as independent residents. A variety of social activities and amenities are available to you in community residences too. Safe to say, community living is increasingly being adopted by people everywhere today. In cases where permanent stay in one is not viable, a holiday home in a gated community is definitely a dream to pursue.


Picture courtesy: Highsnobiety