1. The Language Of Community Love.

Nicolina Elm ÅgrenNicolina Elm Ågren came to India from Sweden for an internship. Little did she know that her three-month stint with Isprava would change her world. Currently pursuing her university studies back in Sweden with a major in Organization and Management, Nicolina’s India stint has taught her lessons of a lifetime.

She says, “Based on my own knowledge of Indian companies the structure is usually hierarchic and that power is concentrated at the top. At Isprava, which has a well-organized structure and with various department managers, there is still a democratic and horizontal culture, which I believe has taken a very important part in their growth as a company. Each employee has a chance to get involved with tasks and topics outside of their role, which helps them develop and learn new things without the need of changing roles or company.”

Among the greatest learning of her internship, Nicolina believes, is seeing the growth of a startup and how it looks after its employees. She feels, “It has been interesting to see how a startup-company works. Meeting new people in a new environment in a company that I had no earlier experience of, has been one of the best things about my internship. I also got to learn about Indian traditions and celebration as the Isprava team celebrated various holidays and made me part of their culture. I also found it interesting how thoughtfully Isprava invests in its employees; for example, by offering massages every other Tuesday.”

The Swedish national also credits her internship with Isprava for improving her linguistic skills. She adds, “It is great to know that my English has improved drastically in just three months; not to forget a few words in Hindi the Isprava team has taught me!”


Isprava Villas in Goa2. Evocative Break At Villa Evora.

As couples scramble to find the perfect present for Valentine’s Day, there is nothing more precious than giving each other exclusive time and space. Intimacy with indulgence is the hallmark of Isprava’s Villa Evora, and it’s ripe for rental during this season of love.

Hidden in a quiet street in the village of Badem, this charming Portuguese home combines heritage aesthetics with modern amenities. A foyer leads into a passage with hand-finished walls, broken marble flooring and a stain glass window that lets in a kaleidoscope of sun rays.

The kitchen has cozy breakfast seating and an antique crockery cupboard that makes the process of cooking together more cherished. The master bedroom has distressed white wooden flooring and antique furniture paired with bright cushions and vibrant paintings. Across from the bedroom is an airy living and dining area with a triple-height sloping roof.

Arched doorways lead out onto a veranda that touches a swimming pool. Unwind with the perfect bubbly by the poolside and take the tipples to the gazebo garden for a fitting dining experience under the stars.

Give your love the privacy it needs and the luxury it deserves, at Villa Evora.


3. Nature Lovers Discover Architectural Romance.

Igreha VaddoNature-loving Vic and Tehzeeb Lakhani were looking for a property that combined foliage with finesse. And Isprava’s Igreha Vaddo fit the bill seamlessly. Looking for a dream holiday home meant finding a space that served as an oasis from city life while being equipped enough to indulge them.

Mumbai-based Vic Lakhani’s work life is fast-paced and rather active. So when he and his wife Tehzeeb found Igreha Vaddo, they knew they found the perfect place. “We were quite clear about our checklist for this home. Privacy, greenery, an amazing pool and outdoor chill-out area or gazebo, cabanas, lots of natural light, pastel colors, a cozy comfortable inviting vibe throughout, a beautiful alfresco dining area, a library, lots of cozy nooks and chill out areas to read and enjoy the view with such an exhaustive list of offerings from Isprava, how could we say no to that?” he laughs.

‘Igreha Vaddo’, which literally translates to Church Village, is Isprava’s rendition of a Portuguese Village. In the midst of a forest, this stunning settlement of 3,050 square meters plans to house six unique homes, each equipped with a private swimming pool. Fully landscaped, the entire plot will be connected by lovely cobble stone streets.

Vic, whose idea of unwinding is having his friends around, and Tehzeeb who would rather read, design or shop, may have some varying tastes, but are united by their love for Igreha Vaddo. Vic adds, “The fact that it’s completely surrounded by forest and nature which we love, will make it an extension of our personalities and lifestyle in Goa.”


4. Ten Reasons To Love Goa.Goa’s beaches

Goa means a lot of things to a lot of people. From being a party destination to a foodie’s capital, from offering tranquility to promising high-octane fun. Goa is an extension of each person who visits it. A metaphor for life and the best things it can offer.

  1. Isprava Homes

Each home designed by Isprava is a structure that stands magnificently on its own plot of land. Fully furnished homes using old seasoned wood, antique furniture and other antiquities sourced from old palaces and mansions, lend a regal aura and create alcoves of comfort all around.

Luxury thrives on the exclusivity that privacy promises. Isprava homes are built facing paddy fields, sitting atop tea estates, and overlooking landscaped courtyards, and are loaded with the most state of the art amenities.

  1. Beaches

Goa’s beaches can be divided into the happening ones and the relaxing ones. Water babies from all over can choose whether their idea of fun in Goa is being at the heart of all the excitement and fun, or unwind in solitude on beaches that offer an expanse of white sands and azure view. From the bustle of Calangute, Anjuna, and Baga, to the tranquility of Morjim, Arambol and Agonda, you pick a beach based on your mood.

  1. Food

From tiger prawns, lobsters, and fish steaks to traditional Goan fare like vindaloo, sorpotel, xacuti and sol kadi, Goa is one extensive seafood buffet. Cuisines from all over India and the world, find place in this culinary melting pot. From Thai to Greek, Japanese to Polynesian, Goa is a foodie’s delight.

  1. King’s Beer

You cannot visit Goa and not be lured by its beverages menu. And the one that reigns supreme is inevitably the ubiquitous King’s beer. The typical stubby bottle that holds the crisp lager is synonymous with the beach state, and unless you’re a determined teetotaler, there’s no way you can resist this King’s charm.

  1. Adventure

Goa is undoubtedly the party capital of the country, two of its islands—Chorao and Divar—are often thronged by the lookers of peace and serenity. Located around 5-7km from Panaji, these islands are also popular destinations for snorkeling. Baina Beach, Grand Island and Bogmalo Beach are some of the other popular snorkeling destinations in Goa.

Give wings to your dream of flying, soar through the sky and enjoy the stunning views of Goa’s scenic landscape and the mighty Arabian Sea! Baga, Candolim, Calangute, Sinquerim, Vagator, Majorda and Anjuna beaches are some of the best paragliding spots,which are reasons to visit Goa every year.

  1. Shopping

Goa has something for everyone. From high-end luxury brands to chic boutiques that are abreast with world trends, to the bustling flea markets that sell everything from dream catchers to stoles and purses, Goa compels you to take back a bit of it with you through its multitude of stores, boutiques, stalls and carts.

  1. Casinos

Want to try your lucky stars and make a fortune? Get yourself some of the lucky chips at any of Goa’s floating casinos and witness fortune knocking at your doorsteps. Casino Royale, Casino Pride, Casino Carnival, Chances Casino and Resrot and Dunes are some of the most popular casinos, where high spirits and excitement thrive!

  1. Sightseeing

The UNESCO has declared the Churches and Convents of Goa a world cultural heritage, and they truly are sights to behold. Engrained in its very DNA, Goan architecture is stunning, the beauty of which is seen in houses and villas of even a tiny Goan village. Goa’s architecture is a unique mix of Portuguese and Hindu Goan styles. You can also visit the museum of Christian Art, an Archaeological Museum and Wax World, a wildlife sanctuary among others

  1. Music

Sunburn. Supersonic. Goat. You name the genre, and there’s a music festival in Goa to support it. However, credit must be given where its due and in this case, Goa has put Indian EDM on the global map thanks to Sunburn and Supersonic’s loyal audiences. When not visiting festivals, there are a host of pubs and live venues that play everything from Koli music to Elvis.

  1. Attitude

There are few places in the country that exemplify the fun spirit like Goa does. Life is one big party and you needn’t pump up the bass just for that. The people are friendly, they have a strong sense of joie de vivre and are famous for their hospitality.