What Does an Ideal Holiday Home Look Like?


A holiday home is called so for a reason. It’s a space you head to when monotony strikes and the urge to escape the routine arises. If it’s your vacation house, there ought to be a few features that draw a difference between that and your residence. There has to be an atmosphere that is unique, one that exhibits refreshment with a feeling of belongingness. Since Isprava arose from the mere desire of a holiday; we are well adept with the vision of an ideal holiday home. To give our readers some clarity on the same, here are a few elements that are crucial in your personal getaway destination.

Home away from home

The whole idea of having a home away from home is simply the shift of comfort from that home to this one. A general feel of homeliness should be consistent wherever you go, particularly a place you are most likely to spend your holidays in. So when you look for a holiday home, the primary things you should look for is the ease, comfort and belongingness.

Close to nature

A vacation is supposed to bring you refreshment. It should be revitalizing and energizing. Being close to Mother Nature is bound to bring that energy and positivity. It makes immense sense to have a holiday home that is either amidst natural luxury or one that is designed in a way to incorporate a lot of nature in the décor and the interior.


Although your vacation home is one that is supposed to be away from home, it should still possess that one touch that sustains your normality. We call it home because it is ours; right from the design to the vibe of the house, everything is peculiar to us. Why leave that factor behind when looking for or designing your vacation property? Uniqueness to a home is brought by your preferences, personal touch and your vibe in general.

Designing luxury holiday homes at popular destinations with a sense of luxury and homeliness is our forte. We realize the importance of it, which is why we also consider it imperative to own a holiday home that possesses all the elements mentioned. We ensure our villas for sale and rent in Goa and houses for sale in Ooty, Kotagiri and Coonoor are built with these in mind too.