8 things to keep in mind while designing a home


Designing a home is just as much of a tedious task as it is an interesting endeavour. Since it involves a lot of intense brainstorming in more than just one direction, it’s imperative for you to start off the process with clarity. Now, that only comes when you know where to begin and what pattern to follow. To make things easier, here are a few factors to keep in mind when you do begin the journey of designing your home.


You can’t kick off the home-making plan without a visual in your head. The process can’t be started unless you have some kind of an image of what your house will look like. Having an image of the general layout along with some particular elements here and there will make the following steps easier.

List it down

When you design a home, you would naturally have some features to include there. Personal décor, functional requirements, design choices and random ideas; it makes immense sense to jot them down in one place.


Once you have listed elements that you want to incorporate into your home, classifying and prioritizing becomes easier. Prioritizing between what is more important for the home interiors, comfort needs and accompanying extra features will make the budgeting smarter.


Once you have your list and priorities, forming a set budget and sticking to it becomes manageable.

Open Space

When we think of a house design, we think of the décor, furniture and designs that fit well, but we miss considering any open space. Equal importance needs to be landscaping as it is an essential part of the design along with a well-decorated interior.

The Right Lights

Lights have primary influence on the mood of a person and the ambience of a room. Besides electrical lights, giving way to natural light in your home can bring a sense of positivity and vibrancy. Regardless, choosing the right lights is one factor to keep in mind when designing a home.

Personal Touch

And, of course, the place will just remain a house and might never become a home unless the design reflects the owner’s personality. Having a personal touch in the form of photographs, art pieces and showpieces or artefacts that hold a personal value or interest will bring the living space to life.


Of course, the external appearance of a property matters and makes a difference, which is why we design them in the first place. However, many people focus only on the show and forget to incorporate functionality and comfort into the designs. Functionality and design go hand in hand and should be considered at the same level.

Think Green

Plants, yes but thinking green also refers to eco-friendly elements. Think of ways to incorporate natural fibres and materials.

Evidently, home designing is a pleasurable engagement but requires organisation, patience and creativity. Since, we have been and continue to build luxury homes in India; we believe the mentioned factors are primary when it comes to designing a home while also assuring a smooth journey!