Vintage is the new beautiful


While some years back, we looked for luxury homes in India designed with a contemporary feel and modern elements, today our taste seems to have had an archaic makeover. Now, vintage is the new modern; a favoured element in our houses for rent in Goa and houses for sale in Coonoor, Ooty and Kotagiri.

Vintage relates to a balance between comfort, culture and grandeur but what exactly are the ingredients that make it so beautiful?

Soft Hues

Since vintage interior is all about tranquillity and rich textures in equal measure, nothing can do the job better than subdued colour choices. Beige, sand, cream, pastels and similar muted tones on the walls and other accents convey beauty with their warmth and calmness.

Organic Elements

Wooden furniture is what makes up most of archaic interiors. Natural materials dominated the era back then so when we try to incorporate that vibe today, using furniture crafted with them is ideal. More so, these organic elements give off an aptly comfortable feel.

Statement Lighting

The lights you choose for your home can either make its ambience or break it. When you think of vintage, most certainly, images of large chandeliers and geometrically-shaped statement hanging lights would conjure up in your mind. And, that is exactly one crucial accessory that makes it so appealing.

Wall Decor

Simple yet ornate mirrors on the wall, wall shelves that exhibit your literary collection and antiques, striking wallpapers and a collection of memories captured within frames on the wall; décor alike adds character to the vintage interiors.


A vintage style home space would ideally also be home to some greenery – some foliage plants would add that required touch of nature to it. They are quite pleasant and add that sophistication to your house.

Heritage Inspired

Your living space should eventually reflect your personality, your traditions and history, irrespective of the style of the interiors. That’s one feature that comes with vintage designs; furniture and décor that feel like they belong with you, like your legacy.

‘Old is Gold’, they say. And, to us, it is more than just that! It’s a breath of fresh air with a scent of familiarity that feels like home.