Isprava takes you to dreamy monsoons, into new homes and more!

A Monsoon Rhapsody at Villa Branco 

Where you feel one with the outdoors while sitting amidst luxury, Villa Branco romanticises the monsoon like never before. All you have to do is arrive!

Nestled in a quiet forest plot in the dreamy Anjuna, Goa is Villa Branco, your ideal monsoon escape. Here the outdoors will flood the indoors, allowing you to experience the beauty of monsoon like never before. Watch the rain fall from the sky from the villa’s elegant cupola foyer, or walk out into the small garden courtyard and dance in the rain. Admire the soaked lush greenery from the villa’s gorgeous louvered doors and large windows. If enticed enough, go out and jump into the luxe swimming pool, before strolling back through the many walkways that connect parts of the home. An elegantly appointed living and dining area with arched doorways sit at the intersection of the courtyards, from where you can hear the melody of the raindrops outside. The five-bedroom villa also features woven cane chairs, antique wooden tables, palace doors embedded with mirrors and a breath-taking wall-to-wall crockery cupboard. The best part of the house is its whitewashed style, with vintage floorings, sloping roofs and the picturesque landscape that surrounds it. Here is where you will capture monsoon’s prettiest moments—in Villa Branco’s sweet embrace.


The Power of Light

Isprava appreciates the fact that lighting is a key ingredient to making a space feel warm, welcoming and comfortable. Here we give you all the inspiration you need to understand lighting and its importance in interior design.

Lighting plays a huge role in the way a person embraces a room—it does not just brighten up a space, it adds depth and character. Whether it is the royal chandelier that hangs in the entrance foyer or the ambient lighting in a living room, the stunning LED lights on the facades of the house or antique lamps in the bedrooms—every space requires an appropriate lighting concept based on the room’s purpose. The quality of light and the mood it exudes also has a lot to do with selection and conceptualisation. For example, bright light makes one alert and sets a cheery atmosphere, while dim light envelopes the room with warmth and puts one in a relaxed state of mind.  If you were choosing a lighting for a study, a combination of soft diffused wall lighting in the corners and a bright task lamp for the functional area makes sense, while if the scenario was a dinner party, warm lighting to set the tone for a cosy evening, would work wonders. Beyond light as a function, it can also be used as an artistic display, with hand-blown glass lanterns, vintage floor lamps, handcrafted brass finished standing lamps and geometric light fixtures—you will be left spoilt for choice—Isprava always is!


Chepstow Hall Unveiled!

Another addition to Isprava’s collection of homes is the glorious Chepstow Hall— bringing the charm of a quaint English castle to the rolling hills of the Nilgiris.

Isprava transforms a beautiful hilltop estate in the Nilgiris into a contemporary yet historically resonant family home – a haven that celebrates timeless appeal with understated luxury. It features 3 bedrooms, double heighted space, arched windows, a gym and even a stable for two ponies. Surrounded by Silver Oak and Pine trees, tea plantations and terrific peaks, Chepstow Hall looks lovely in the artsy corner of Coonoor, a small tea garden town, and stands at an altitude of 1,839 metres. According to the National Geographic, the weather in The Nilgiris is considered to be amongst the top 10 best climatic conditions in the world. Here you can watch a variety of birds fly by, indulge in the beauty of Sim’s Park, a small botanical garden, or stroll through Coonoor’s quaint hill market, which peddles leaf tea and essential oils while you interact with Nilgiris’ charming, peace-loving folk. The home’s gothic aesthetic makes it truly stand apart, while its colonial-era interior décor adds a sense of depth and style. The English cottage-esque doors and floors to all the old world charms will transport you to another time—Chepstow Hall makes its presence felt amidst Coonoor’s bounty of nature and quiet charm. Click here to get a glimpse of Isprava’s Chepstow Hall.


The World of PR and Beyond

A PR maverick that has travelled from Manhattan to Mumbai. A luxury connoisseur who has a taste for the finer things in life. And an entrepreneur who’s the brainpower behind Twain Communications. Meet Isprava’s very own, Gauri Nayar.


1) What makes Isprava different/unique from all the other brands you have worked with?
My career began with a hospitality PR firm in New York and I then worked with the Oberoi Group for 4 years – hospitality is something I’m passionate about, and I really like how Isprava is keen to position itself as a luxury hospitality brand, one that cares not only about the quality of homes it offers for purchase or rent, but also about the entire experience that a customer has, from start to finish. The attention to detail and Isprava’s commitment to creating memorable moments for its guests is what makes the brand so unique, to me.

2) In the busy and hectic world of PR, how does one unwind? Any particular Isprava Villa you would choose for your downtime?
PR seems like a glamorous job and while it certainly has its perks, it can also be very challenging and demanding. I find travel a great way to unwind, especially to places that allow me to entirely switch off. Villa Capela (in Parra, Goa) would be my pick, with its inside-outside feel and large, private pool.

3) How do you think Isprava resonates with understated luxury?
The design of each Isprava home spells understated luxury, to me. The houses are sprawling, but the emphasis is on natural beauty and seamlessly integrating the surroundings within each home. There is no sense of ostentation, just an emphasis on comfort, luxury and elegance.

4) 5 things that you love about Isprava and why?
– The Isprava Concierge service, that allows one to have a seamless experience without having to sweat the small stuff – all details are taken care of, and we get to just relax and enjoy the villa
– The fact that Isprava uses refurbished and upcycled products to furnish their homes
– Through their villas, Isprava is reimagining the Goa experience that we all grew up with – now, we can enjoy Goa in a luxurious, home-like environment without having to rely on a hotel booking
– Isprava’s commitment to the communities they build in – they’re committed to reforestation, recycling and proper garbage disposal, water ATM’s for local panchayats, and so much more
– The blackies from Ruta’s that Isprava places in each car that transports guests around in Goa!

5) Between Goa and the Nilgiris, what destination do you prefer, and why?
I’m definitely more of a beach person – the sound of the water is really relaxing. So Goa it is!

6) Beyond PR, what’s your passion? How must one pursue their dreams?
Travel, working out, good wine, reading, and my 5 month-old son! I really believe that anyone can pursue their dreams as long as they’re willing to put in a lot of hard work and dedication. Discipline and focus are non-negotiables when it comes to achieving what you want.

7) 5 design elements that you would love in your home?
A swimming pool (Isprava villas spoil you)! Jokes apart, a lot of natural light, some kind of greenery, a pretty view, a sense of bringing the outside in (in a city like Bombay, having a balcony can help one achieve this feeling), and space – the ultimate luxury.