Interview with Narayani Poy Raiturcar



Narayani has joined our team as a New Business Development and Sustainability Executive. She brings a diverse skill set to Isprava while being committed to doing good and making a difference in every sphere of her life. We catch up with Narayani and chat about her journey with Isprava so far.

Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you end up at Isprava?
I majored in Mathematics and Economics and minored in Art History from New York University – while Math and Economics taught me to depend on reason and logic, Art History has taught me not to be limited by either. If not for Isprava, I may have never worked in real estate. I always wanted to work somewhere where doing good and doing well were not alternatives. I happened to share this with Nibhrant during one of our chats and learnt that my own values resonated with the vision of the company and with that began the journey of making Isprava’s vision my own.

What is your role here?
I am an executive in the New Business Development and Sustainability department. I assist in analyzing the ecosystem for new markets that we enter. My current project being, Alibaug. We are also exploring new sustainability measures, and the protocol for their execution is very exciting!

What is your favourite part of your role?
Watching new and innovative sustainable solutions being executed gets me very excited. I truly believe that Isprava is redefining the role of business within society and I feel very happy to be able to contribute to this process.

Tell us a little bit about the culture at the office?
We are young, eager to learn and equally excited to help all our team members. The office is a fun and happy place but equally productive and efficient. All of us enjoy each other’s company and imbibe different skills from each other.

Were you always inclined toward the luxury space? If so, how do you feel it evolving in India now?
Well, I cannot say I was not inclined towards the luxury space- Maybe not as a provider of a luxury service but definitely as a consumer of it. The luxury market in India is in its nascent stages of development. The last 10 years have shown many variations in consumption trends that makes it hard to precisely judge the evolution of the market – some say our optimism might even be overrated, however, the sheer size of the market is very exciting – even if we sell to 0.0001% of the population its 0.0001% of 1.5 billion people! I also think that accountability (e.g. ESG reporting) and conscious consumerism is a trend luxury companies will begin to embed in their DNA now, if they want to have sustained resilient growth rather than a rapid one.

Are you more a beach person who loves the energy of Goa or the tranquil calm of the lush Nilgiris?
Definitely the tranquil old world charm of the Nilgiri’s. I have grown up in Goa – its home, and maybe that is why the beaches do not excite me as much.

What does luxury mean to Isprava?
Isprava is synonymous with luxury. We do not wait to jump onto a bandwagon of trends, we create them. We are always one step ahead – knowing what you will want before you know you want it and then servicing that want in a seamless manner.


Rapid Fire

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Read all my WhatsApp messages and emails and then pray so that I can be calm and composed after having read all the time sensitive stuff.

What are three things we will find on your desk?
My purple NYU water bottle, pencils and my Isprava notebooks.

Favourite vacation spot?
New York City- it is my happy place.

A celebrity you would like to have a drink with?
Not a drink, but Isprava’s Silver Tips Tea with Uday Kotak.

If you could have a holiday home anywhere, where would it be?
Southern Spain – Granada or a chalet in the Alsace.

Favourite TV character?
Tea Leoni as Elizabeth Mccord in Madam Secretary.