Month: June 2017

Perfect Home, Perfect Chai, Perfect Weather!

  While in Kotagiri, perched high in the Nilgiris, most evenings the talk turns to tea, the weather and the prices of green leaves in Kotagiri. Nothing muc …

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Isprava pays tribute to former Chief Justice PN Bhagwati

  We would like to pay tribute to Isprava’s ex-director, former chief justice PN Bhagwati. The 17th Chief Justice of India Bhagwati remained on the highest …

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Charmed by Chepstow Hall

  Surrounded by lush greenery, tea plantations and soaring mountain peaks, Chepstow Hall transports you to the very lap of the verdant Nilgiris. With natur …

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Sourcing History through Decor

While the overall construction and radiant façade of Isprava homes set them apart in the luxury real estate sector, it’s the finesse with which each home is uni …

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