In Conversation With: Sakshi Kapoor – Part I

Isprava builds luxury villas in Goa for those who want to experience a holiday while enjoying all the amenities and comforts of being at home. These holiday homes are built for discerning buyers who appreciate modern designs, seven star comfort and central locations. Goa land for sale but can be muddied with red tape and bureaucracy. Isprava maintains a transparent process right from purchasing Goa land for sale to construction with clean documents and a hassle free experience. As part of Isprava’s philosophy, art is an important aspect when it comes to the design of these villas in Goa. Isprava has commissioned artist Sakshi Kapoor to produce paintings for various villas. We caught up with Sakshi and chatted about her inspiration, connection to Goa and Isprava.

Sakshi Kapoor

Sakshi graduated from Rachana Sansad with a BFA in Painting in 2015. She is a full time artist and as far back as she can remember has always wanted to be an artist. Currently she is working on creating a great portfolio so that she can start taking part in exhibitions and showcases. She also teachers children by introducing them to famous European artists and movements.

For Isprava, Sakshi created a series of six paintings for Villa Cecelia and one painting of Villa Verde which was commissioned as a gift for the buyers. Each of these paintings draw inspiration from Goa’s Portuguese influence and colonial heritage, two things Sakshi is very interested in. By looking at small elements of Goan culture and combining them with colours and themes used in Cecelia, the series done by Sakshi is reminiscent of kitschy, pop-art type paintings with strong themes.

Villas for sale in goa

Sakshi loves the colonialism that comes through in Goa, especially the architecture. The Isprava villas are designed keeping in mind the city they’re built in. What’s been most enjoyable about the Villa Cecilia project has been that the villa was built in a colonial Portuguese style. The villa features authentic, old fixtures and pieces of heritage furniture. Just like the villas, she chose not to have her paintings be very bold or experimental but to meld into the environment and complement the house. Each of the six paintings is created to discuss and channel the influence of the Portuguese in Goa.

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Sakshi has been instrumental in imbibing Villa Cecilia with the Goan charm that Isprava envisioned. We take a deeper dive into the six pieces Sakshi has painted on our blog post for next week!