North vs South

Isprava specializes in building luxury homes in Goa that one can truly call home. When you choose to buy property in Goa, there are many things to take into consideration. Location being a key point. Isprava homes are located in the heart of North Goa, close to the best beaches, restaurants, markets and nightlife. Recently we’ve been having a little debate in the office on trying to pick the best of Goa, North vs. South. Some of our colleagues are huge fans of the quieter more rustic South while others love the energy and vibrancy of the North.

We have to agree that all parts of Goa are equally inviting so it’s not easy to pick a winner (we don’t believe there is one to be fair) but the debate is always fun! One team member has a house for sale in South Goa and believes they have all the answers while another colleague who has been spending time at Isprava’s Villa Verde in the North contends that her Goa wins, hands down. Here’s a peek at what went down.

Team South: The South is definitely quieter however the pristine beaches more than make up for that. Palolem beach is unbelievable.

Team North: Have you ever visited Mandrem beach? It’s got clear blue water and white sand. Stunning!

Team South: You may be right however there are so many stunning resorts in the South, the options are endless. Although we cater to those looking to buy property in Goa, many of our clients need hotels nearby to entertain and put up guests. The Alila Diwa’s infinity pool is out of this world.

Team North: Okay fine, that pool is pretty gorgeous but it’s unfair to say the North doesn’t have its fair share of luxurious resorts. Did you know that they’re opening up a W Hotel in Vagator! It’s the first W property in India and I’ve heard incredible things.

Team South: What about food! You can’t compete with Martin’s Corner. It has the best vibe, great cocktails and delicious seafood. Goa is one of the best dining destinations in India and Martin’s really takes the cake.

Team North: Woah! Haven’t you heard about all the incredible places in North Goa? From Bomra’s to Sublime, to Britto’s and so much more. The shacks here are so famous I would take a trip just to taste the Goan curry from Mum’s Kitchen.

As you’ve probably guessed, this went on for a while till it was firmly established that when it comes to Goa, you can’t pick between the North and South as both parts have their own charm. The Isprava team is a lot of fun and we love to spur on debates like this to get everyone’s creative juice flowing.

We want to hear from you, what’s your favourite part of Goa and why?