Travelling in Style

Isprava builds luxury villas in Goa for those who enjoy the finer things in life. In line with this, we decided to highlight some of the most unique and luxurious ways to travel around India. Planes and automobiles- move aside!

Hot Air Balloon

What better way to take in city views than from 4000 feet in the air? A hot air balloon is a great way to enjoy quality time with friends or family while getting a bird’s eye view of the terrain below. There are operators across the country from Agra to Rajasthan, Kerala to Goa. Whether you want to explore the pink city from above or get an overhead view God’s own country, a hot air balloon is just the thing for you! Owning a luxury villa in Goa is something many of us can only dream of however contact us to find out more about how you can get a piece of the action, which is luckily close to all the hot air balloon action as well.

Hot Air Balloon

Luxury Train

India is home to one of the largest railway networks in the world and apart from regular trains, we have access to some of the best luxury rides available. Whether you’re looking at exploring Karnataka via the The Golden Chariot or The Maharajas Express to visit the Taj Mahal in style, there are ample options for those wanting some time off from the hustle and bustle of the city. Travelling by train has become obscure and these luxury rides offer a first class experience while providing a literal hotel on wheels for you to savour moments with your loved ones.

Luxury Train


Houseboats were traditionally used for fishermen to spend time out on the water while also being able to live on the vessel. Some boats are converted into complete homes where families live however there is a small segment of boats which have been converted into 5 star properties on the water! Mainly located in Kerala’s backwaters, these houseboats are a luxurious way to explore the dense flora and fauna, enjoy seafood that is caught in front of your eyes and relax while letting the waves wash away all your worries. Many hotels such as The Oberoi have launched their own houseboats in order to provide a truly worry-free experience.

Houseboats in Goa

The Isprava team loves to travel and India is almost always number one on our list of places to explore. From jungles and mountains, to beaches and villages; there is so much to see in India you wouldn’t believe that all these places are in one country. Goa is a great base to travel from as it’s well connected to all major cities in India and offers an international living experience while still offering tranquility.

The choice to buy a house in Goa is a great idea as this can provide you with a retreat from when city life gets too taxing! Isprava’s luxury villas in Goa are handcrafted and built with love and care, using heritage items mixed with modern furniture to provide just the right experience.