Quiz: Where should you take your next holiday?

Isprava is all about going on holidays that have the positives of getting away without feeling like you’ve been displaced. With a strong focus on luxury and design, every Isprava home has its own beauty and charm. Spending so much time in these holiday homes made us think about, well, going on holiday! Take our holiday quiz to find out where you should plan your next trip to.

  1. What sounds like an ideal holiday?
    1. Sitting by the beach and relaxing, no phone no computer
    2. A secluded natural paradise high in the hills with nothing but green horizons
  2. What is the main reason you need a break?
    1. Work pressure
    2. I want to explore
  3. What sounds more like you?
    1. A colonial style villa with heritage wooden furniture, private courtyard and a garden filled with flowers
    2. A sprawling estate with huge pillars and arches that is regal and luxurious
  4. Which do you prefer?
    1. Coffee
    2. Tea
  5. How important is nightlife when you go on holiday?
    1. Very
    2. Not at all

If you got more a’s: Head over to the sunny state of Goa! With pumping nightlife, five star restaurants, quiet beaches and lots to do; Goa is your best bet when you want a combination of quiet days and busy evenings. Villas Verde, Cecelia, Branco and Azul are just a few of our homes located in Goa.

If you got more b’s: The hills are calling you. Only a short drive from Coimbatore lies one of Mother Nature’s most well-kept secrets. Kotagiri is a stunning hill station where you will find peace, quiet and tranquility all tucked away in the beauty of greenery. Isprava’s latest venture will also be located at Kotagiri so watch this space for more information!