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Living the Good Life in Villa Capela

He’s outdoorsy, outgoing and full of life—Rohan Lamba, Villa Capela’s proud owner tells us all that he loves about his home in Goa

The intention was simple. A home away from home where he could escape to with his family and friends. Rohan Lamba, the former executive director at Nomura in Hong Kong, doesn’t mind making the escape 10 to 15 times a year, especially when it’s to Isprava’s Villa Capela. Ask him what he’s passionate about, and he quips “Sports, like tennis and golf”. It’s no surprise then that when we ask him what he loves most about Villa Capela he says “the terrace and the beautiful outdoor spaces”. But not without gushing over the stunning interiors and the beautiful views from vantage points around the home.

a home aWay from home Where he could escape To WiTh his family and friends. rohan lamba, The former execuTive direcTor aT nomura in hong kong, doesn’T mind making The escape 10 To 15 Times a year, especially When iT’s To isprava’s villa capela.

He is a man who loves to entertain. And Villa Capela makes for the perfect destination to do just that. “Pool parties, terrace parties, barbecue parties—Villa Capela makes it easy to throw great gettogethers,” says Rohan. When we ask him about how he defines luxury, he quickly retorts “luxury to me is a place that exudes a minimalist charm and is yet modern and fully serviced”. He loves the villa’s indoor outdoor feel and rustic interiors, and if he ever chooses to leave, it would be to the chapel in the distance or one of the cool, hip restaurants located nearby. But, the artsy, adventurous and romantic vibe of Villa Capela quickly draws him back into its embrace. Rohan likes to cook every now and again. But when he visits Goa, the villa’s kitchen sure does inspire the master chef within. He loves the fact that it is modern and usable by both the owners and the help. Walking around the home, he admires the many artefacts that Isprava has painstakingly sourced from around the country and singles out one particular mirror which he loves the most. The colour blue resonates through the home, and the large doors and windows captivate. He particularly loves to walk barefoot on the varied floors and surfaces of the home. Finally, when we asked him what he loves about the décor, he says in one word: everything. We nudge him to elaborate. His answer: the paintings, the sculptures, the artefacts, the walls of art, the spaces, the personalised trinkets, the list goes on. All in all, life is good when you’re living it in Villa Capela.

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