Isprava wins the ET NOW Real Estate Brand of the Year Award

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We don’t just build beautiful houses. We craft homes that redefine luxury. Ones that are luxurious yet efficient. Comfortable yet elegant. Ones that showcase traditional techniques with a contemporary outlook. At Isprava, each home is different from the other. Each home has its own unique story to tell. Here are a few good reads to give you more insight on luxury villas in Goa, architecture, interiors and real estate markets

Luxe buys of the Season

Luxe buys of the Season

  There are some elements that can single-handedly bring out an aura of elegance in a room. Now, when it comes to luxury, contrary to what most people believe, it is all about subtlety and sophistication. Certain loud design and décor elements may also exhibit luxury well if balanced and complemented with the right kind of features. Nevertheless, everything eventually runs on trends. Based on them, we have compiled a few luxe décor buys that you can invest in.   Brass Accessories Also ruling the décor trends for this year, brass is an easy and definite pass to a luxurious …

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