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We don’t just build beautiful houses. We craft homes that redefine luxury. Ones that are premium yet efficient. Comfortable yet elegant. Ones that showcase traditional techniques with a contemporary outlook. At Isprava, each holiday home is different from the other. Each home has its own unique story to tell. Here are a few good reads to give you more insight on luxury villas in Goa, architecture, interiors, beautifully designed bungalows and real estate markets.

Why Your Home Needs Warm Lights?

Why Your Home Needs Warm Lights?

  Cool, white lights impart energy in a room whereas warm, yellow lights bring a sense of relaxation in a space. If cool lights are apt for kitchens and study rooms, warm lights are suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. Lighting is not just important for the ambience of your house but also your mood. The kind of lights your room has depends on the purpose of that space; few rooms are to unwind while others require you to put in some effort to make it your respite. Warm tones fit some decor requirements just accurately. Let’s run through the …

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