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Dining Area - Isprava

Nadir Godrej

Managing Director, Godrej Industries

“When you think luxury homes, the first thing that comes to mind is Isprava. It stands apart and instantly provokes interest. Not only for their unique homes and indistinguishable style, but also for their transparent and seamless process and heartfelt community service. It is the company’s perpetual passion that has propelled them to become market leaders in such a short span of time. Their recent round of funding is a bold acknowledgement of not only what Isprava has achieved so far, but also the potential of the new heights the company will reach.”

Piyush Vora

Ex CFO, Lodha

“As an investor always in search of the most attractive avenues, Isprava enticed me for its impeccable execution, innovation and organisation. The business team, its track record, the product and competitive advantage are things I always study before funding. Isprava ticked all the boxes, and held a persuasive position in terms of its current value and the growth potential it has for the future.”

Anuj Bhargava

Deutsche Bank, London

“The luxury industry in India has been on an endless acceleration. However, there are very few players in the market that truly understand what luxury is and how to deliver it accurately. Isprava is the anomaly. My interaction with Nibhrant and his team continues to solidify my belief that good people build great companies, and Isprava is a perfect example of this. The real estate market was in need of a brand like this, and I am confident with their business acumen, hard work and sheer dedication, they will redefine luxury living in India.”

Rohan Lamba

Former Executive Director, Nomura, Hong Kong

“Isprava epitomises true luxury. Whether it’s their construction or décor, their service or style—it is subtle, understated and elegant with an attention to detail that leaves onlookers like myself impressed. The team goes above and beyond to exceed the expectations of each home owner and makes the Isprava experience one that’s hard to forget. While making an investment one seeks these invaluable qualities, and Isprava continues to do me proud.”

Anand Piramal

Executive Director, Piramal Group

Anand Piramal holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He has always been fascinated by the world of design and has been leading the real estate arm of the Piramal Group while being actively involved in strategy, values and organization development. He has been a part of the Isprava story almost since our inception when after visiting one of our first properties, he connected with the brand and the values that we stand for. It was our commitment and dedication to building beautiful holiday homes in a transparent and honest manner that steered Anand to invest in Isprava.

Ritwik Bhattacharjee

Blackstone RE/ Embassy

“The real estate sector can feel like a maze of copycats trying to outdo the other. Isprava is different. They have managed to find the gaps that have always existed, and fill them with their expertise and insight. For them, it’s not just about selling a holiday home. It’s about delivering an experience which resonates the values of honesty and transparency. They make it their prerogative to bring to attention investment fundamentals, beyond the enticement of buying a luxury home. And they succeed in exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders alike.”

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