Isprava’s top 5 tips to fight COVID-19

  The tremors of the COVID-19 virus have shaken countries world-wide. Although the World Health Organisation and all the governments are putting in the bes …

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Summer hues

Summer is already here and this bright, sunny, hot weather needs some fresh colours to cool down the heat. Now is the perfect time to break open the palette and …

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Isprava guides you on your home makeover

  It’s time to press the refresh button, and give your home a stylish edit. Isprava gives you all the tips, tricks and trends of the moment to make sure yo …

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How to bring a vintage ambience in your home

  What sets vintage interiors apart from contemporary interiors is primarily the sense of elegance and familiarity that it carries. That is the reason why …

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Six of Isprava’s favourite space enhancing secrets

  Think you can’t jazz up a smaller space? Think again. Isprava gives you the inside scoop on six super smooth ways in which you can enhance smaller spaces …

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Step it up

  Choosing the right type of staircase for your home is a big decision. Staircases make for a grand entrance in your home. A big part of the decision hinge …

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Well designed rooms

Elephant décor items for luxury homes

  While designing a luxury holiday home, it is not only the interior and architecture that speaks of its grandeur, but also the décor items that one sets u …

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Nature and the villa

Stunning homes. Sensational trends

  Why Villa Brisa is the home of your dreams If you happen to be planning the purchase of a holiday home, Isprava’s Villa Brisa in Anjuna, Goa, promises to …

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Stylish tiles

Our favourite tiling styles this year

  How you lay your tiles and design your flooring play a key role in how you want your room to look and feel. Laying them in the wrong pattern can make your roo …

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Drinking by the pool

Everything interesting around your Isprava home

  While choosing the right spot to build an Isprava home, there are key parameters that we keep in mind. Location and accessibility to the location, being …

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Interview with Mithil Srivastav

Interview with Mithil Srivastav

  Mithil is a true Goa lover, having been born and brought up there. He is responsible for bringing innovation and technology to our interactions with gues …

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How to decorate a large living room

  As a rule, the living room should be the largest room in the house, where you can, with comfort receive all of your dear guests and chat with your family in a …

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Things to avoid while designing a luxury home

  Luxury has been attached to so many words and so many meanings. Initially, luxury merely attainable, known to be accessible only to those with healthy bank ac …

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Advantages of building with Isprava

  Isprava specialises in the design and construction of sophisticated luxury holiday homes for discerning individuals. It is our endeavour to add at the utmost …

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Dining by the pool

Perks of owning an Isprava home

  Our homes are our legacy, our heirloom. They reflect our personalities and foster our comfort zones. Our homes are our safe haven, somewhere we can sink …

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Linens & Covers

5 easy articles to help deck-up your room

  Our room is our safe-haven, our personal space. Many a times, it reflects our personality too. How we set-up our room, the colours we choose, the article …

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Luxurious kitchen by Isprava

What an Isprava kitchen looks like

  Kitchen is an indispensable and probably the warmest part of every house. No matter how big or small a home is, the kitchen is one space which needs to b …

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Bring your terrace to life

  Owning a private open space is a dream of most city people. Watching the stars and night go by or performing yoga asanas early in the morning, a private …

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Happy children

Décor ideas for your child’s room

  Our homes are our safe-haven. While the world outside seems terrifying, our home is where we find most comfort. Similarly, it is extremely essential for …

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Outdoor seating with a pool

Love, bliss & hues

  Introducing Fonteira Vaddo Say hello to Isprava’s picturesque gated community! Inspired by a charming Portuguese village, Fonteira Vaddo is tailor-made f …

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Tech savvy homes by Isprava

Tech Savvy Homes

  The world is evolving at an ever-increasing speed. Technological advancement is at its peak in every spectrum of life. Today, we can see technology integ …

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Kamala Kannan - Guest Relations Manager at Isprava

Interview with Kamala Kannan

  A true Coonoor fan, Kamala has grown up and worked across South India giving him deep insight and appreciation of the region. He is our Guest Relations M …

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Isprava Luxury villa in Goa

2020, the way forward

  Looking back at 2019, a year filled with a few ups and downs, we have come a long way. In the past year, we faced a few hurdles and external barriers. Th …

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New Year's Resolutions

New year resolutions to take on this year

  I am going to go at least 4 times a week to the gym this year. This year I will not procrastinate and start preparing for exams earlier. I will make sure …

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