Why investment in Alibaug is always a good idea?


Alibaug’s pristine views, windy beaches and lush greenery has always beckoned us. Known as the Hamptons of Mumbai, Alibaug is filled with some of the most beautiful homes that you would wish to live in yourselves! Lucky for you, Isprava’s already thought of that. Owning a private villa in Alibaug is not only a good idea for those looking for a quick getaway but has also proved to be a great investment opportunity. Here’s why investment in Alibaug is always a good idea:

Quick getaways

City life can tire you out. It’s only when you’re constantly living stifled by exhaust fumes and dust that you realize, you need a break. And there’s no better escape than setting off to Alibaug. Clean air, quiet waters and a life that’s more sedate. We all need a bit of that at some point. And Alibaug, with its infectious charm, sprawling beaches, happier locals and cosy vibe, promises all of that, and then some.


Close proximity to the city

And with the fabulous daily ferry service—which only takes you 60 minutes to reach from the Gateway of India, it is becoming increasingly accessible to Mumbai folks. If you choose to drive from Mumbai, it will take you three hours to arrive. The best part: our plan is to have all our homes just a stone’s throw from the ferry service to make it easy for home owners and renters. If you get a private luxury villa in Alibaug, you can literally escape with a moment’s thought, and zero planning. Just like all our luxury villas for sale in Goa and Coonoor, even these homes will be fully furnished and equipped, as well as supplied with our property management services and “The Isprava Experience”.


Property Appreciation

The Fairview Estate, North Goa

Beyond a great escape, your private villa in Alibaug will prove to be a fruitful investment as well—since property rates in Alibaug have appreciated by as much as 3 to 4 times over the past decade and the value of property has also grown about 150%, and expected to rise.


Source of income

If not used wisely, your luxury villa in Alibaug might become a white elephant. Instead, why not hand it over to Lohono Stays by Isprava and rent it out when your home is not occupied by you. It is indefinitely a great source of income.


Tax benefit

Investing in a holiday home avails some tax benefits for the owner, provided the property has been rented out.


Picture courtesy –  Go2India and American Lawyer.com