Why Alibaug Is Ideal For Your Dream Holiday Home…


By Aarti Cooper


If you’re thinking of investing in a holiday home, you’ve probably dreamed of what it’s going to be like. Picture perfect scenes of children playing by the pool, friends and family sharing beers over a barbeque or just you contemplating the silence and the scenery – in the end, the perfect holiday home will need to check every box on your list. And while luxury holiday homes are a pleasure to have, I know from experience that it is important for them to be practical, accessible and well looked after. It isn’t as easy as one would imagine. That’s what makes Isprava’s new, villas for sale in Alibaug your best bet for an ideal holiday home.

Location, Location, Location

Why choose when you can have it all? Alibaug is full of wind-swept beaches, lush greenery, imposing forts, abundant forestland and undulating mountains. Within minutes you can take in sweeping vistas from the hills or feel the waves lap your feet, regardless of where in the town you are. The laid-back, relaxed vibe of the outskirts of the main village is reminiscent of Goa, making it the perfect place to relax, disconnect and rejuvenate. With the recent arrival of local eateries and restaurants, there’s always delicious food available at hand – be it delicious local delicacies or your favourite comfort foods.


Another big appeal of Alibaug is its undoubted, easy access to and from Mumbai. A private speed boat from the Gateway of India gets you to Mandwa Jetty in under 18 mins and multiple ferries a day, take about an hour each way. The newest Roll-On Roll-Off (Ro-Ro) ferry service, capable of accommodating 145 cars and 500 passengers, makes 2 trips per day and takes about 45 minutes to complete the journey while allowing you to bring your own vehicle along. In the monsoons, on road connectivity is fantastic via the 4-lane Mumbai–Goa highway. Another thing to look forward to is the ongoing Panvel-Kopra airport located approximately 45 minutes away from Alibaug city. The infrastructure around the town is also well developed and getting around to most places within the Alibaug area is quick and easy, via developed roads.

A Wise Investment

Property rates in Alibaug have multiplied by as much as 3-4 times over the past decade. With the recent investments in infrastructure and connectivity by the government, they are only slated to rise further. Investing in a holiday home is most likely a long-term plan and having a property that will appreciate in value is a good investment for you and your legacy.

The Isprava Experience

Isprava specialises in the design and construction of sophisticated, luxury holiday homes that ooze style, warmth and charm. Their homes are designed by leading international designers and come fully equipped with bespoke furnishings and amenities such as a private pool, white goods, manicured gardens and staff quarters. The properties are maintained by a well-trained property management team, taking the stress of preserving a holiday home off your hands. Additionally, Isprava also offers rental management as an optional service, giving you the chance to create an additional source of income when you are not using it.

Isprava’s villas are located in Dhokawade, Alibaug, surrounded by lush greenery. Buy your little piece of heaven in Alibaug today!