Isprava’s top 5 tips to fight COVID-19


The tremors of the COVID-19 virus have shaken countries world-wide. Although the World Health Organisation and all the governments are putting in the best of efforts to curb the terrors of this pandemic, there are certain measures that every individual must take into their own hands. This will help us all fight the virus and keep our families, our surroundings and ourselves’ safe. Here are a few safety measures and precautionary steps we urge every individual to take:

1. Keep your hands clean



The basic and most important thing to do to fight the effects of this virus is to regularly wash your hands and keep them clean. Make use of antiseptic soaps and thoroughly scrub your hands. In case an antiseptic soap and water are out of reach, look to using alcohol-based sanitizer. Isprava’s luxury villas for sale in Goa and villas for sale in Coonoor are stocked with the most effective sanitizers.

2. Avoid direct contact



Everybody must avoid direct contact with everything around them especially repeatedly touched surfaces like counters, doors, staircases, etc. People must also refrain from shaking hands or sharing personally consumed goods like food and water.

3. Avoid public places



People must refrain from attending social gatherings and visiting densely populated areas. At Isprava, we recognise the seriousness of the on-going situation. All our employees are requested to work from home during days when they feel like they might be in the best of health. This helps them keep themselves’ as well as their colleagues safe.

4. Privacy is the best policy



Use this time to gain the utmost privacy. Whether it is by spending time with your family in your Isprava luxury villas in Coonoor or private villa in Goa. Avoid using public transport like trains and airplanes to travel. Instead, hit the road in your private car where everything is under your very own control.

5. Be smart, be proactive



Use this time to build on your knowledge, take up the hobbies or strengthen those skills you once left off. Take up interesting and value-adding online courses, strum a few strings at home or read up some informative articles which you otherwise never had the time to do.

Picture Courtesy: and abcnews