Summer hues

Summer is already here and this bright, sunny, hot weather needs some fresh colours to cool down the heat. Now is the perfect time to break open the palette and colour your home a happy summer hue. The season demands tones that speak fresh flowers in bloom, cool breezes and gorgeous sunny afternoons. Here is a list of best summer hues to bring to your luxury holiday home.

1. Coral



Vibrant yet mellow, a muted coral is the perfect shade to introduce into any space in your home. The morning sun rays fall on your wall and fill you with the good spirit. It turns your hot summer morning into a soothing good morning. Known to promote playful expression and optimism it can enhance any room into a timeless, sophisticated space.

2. Green



Green backdrops and décor choices are a hit in the living room this year and even if you are not fully committed to the colour, you can try out accents in green to start things off. Isprava’s villas for sale in Goa and villas for sale in Coonoor showcase this colour on many of its walls and upholstery.

3. Pale Pink



Here’s another unconventional but ultra-gorgeous choice of colour. Colours traditionally reserved for nurseries are being given a grown-up makeover this season. When this shade is paired with organic materials and natural finishes, it’s actually incredibly sophisticated. And it’s subtle tone makes it particularly stellar for playing with bold textures, like faux-fur, without the risk of overwhelming your aesthetic.

4. Navy



Perfect for a small living room or bedroom, covering your walls in the colour will create a cocoon-like atmosphere. The best part? It pairs well with every shade.

5. Yellow



Doesn’t this colour make you think of a gorgeous sunset? Take a cue from nature by adding the warmth of the sun to your décor. Simply switch out your winter or spring décor pillows with fresh new ones for that pop of colour.