How to bring a vintage ambience in your home


What sets vintage interiors apart from contemporary interiors is primarily the sense of elegance and familiarity that it carries. That is the reason why a lot of homes today are being given a vintage touch, so there is a balance of the modern convenience and old-world charm there. In our luxury villas in Goa and luxury villas in Coonoor and Ooty, we blend the grandiose of traditional elements ranging from the European aesthetics to the Indian royalty, with the present-day facilities. Having had that unique amalgamation as our forte now, we render tips to you on how to bring that vintage ambience in your home with the addition of new features.


A neutral palette



Gentle pastels and a range of noble neutral hues on walls and other accents are conducive in striking that old-school ambience. The colour of a room is essentially responsible in determining the primary mood of the space, and it does so even when it comes to casting a vintage ambience. Opt for shades like beige, pale lilac, and other pastel shades to instantly liven up the space with elegance.


Organic building materials



The vintage interiors largely comprise of natural materials, especially wood and organic upholstery fabrics. The furniture and accessories are given a rustic and raw look to bring in that archaic romantic impression.


Heritage furniture



Furniture pieces that have been carried down for generations as legacy, make for perfect ways to strike an ancient look along with adding a personality to the space. An ornate chest, a cupboard, an old side-table, and other furniture like these add a vintage vibe to your abode while also carrying an emotional value, enhancing their significance.


Age-old show pieces



You could source some show pieces that are steeped in that vintage essence. Placing antique clocks, typewriter, and other show pieces around your house is one of the easiest and the most effective ways to invite a vintage vibe in your space.

Today, many people are developing preference for that ideal blend of modernity and vintage, for its many functional as well as aesthetic benefits. Our luxury holiday homes across India also relay the same balance, defining that timeless essence of our work!