Six of Isprava’s favourite space enhancing secrets


Think you can’t jazz up a smaller space? Think again. Isprava gives you the inside scoop on six super smooth ways in which you can enhance smaller spaces.Whether its cosy bedrooms or compact kitchens, there are many ways by which you can make such spaces appear larger. We are letting you in on six of our secret hacks:

1. Choose a solid colour palette



While you may feel the urge to go all out and splash gorgeous colours on the walls, we suggest opting for a unified colour theme. Softer shades like shell pink or ivory reduce visual disturbances and create the impression of a cleaner, brighter and wider space. The walls of Isprava’s villas for sale in Goa and villas in Coonoor are in harmony with these solid hues, boasting of allure.

2. Glass should be your go-to



Glass or mirrored accents work wonders in making a room feel larger than it is. This is due to the glass or mirror’s reflective properties. Mount mirrors on the walls or bring in glass-topped tables to create the illusion of a larger space.

3. Windows are wonderful



When a room is flooded with natural light, it seems to look more spacious. Regardless of whether the room is done up in darker shades or a more neutral palette, light lifts up the space instantly. So, tone down any window treatments that obstruct light and add in as many windows as you can. Isprava’s luxury holiday homes feature beautiful French windows allowing the home to be sun-kissed along with the breeze flowing through.

4. Functional furniture



When you go furniture shopping, look for pieces that double up as storage units. That way, you are saving up on storage space and leaving behind more room to breathe. Think folding tables, Murphy beds and stowaway stools.

5. Don’t be walled in



Walls obstruct light and take up space. Consider ‘door-less’ doorways or half-walls, which can be used to mount a television screen or quirky picture frames.

6. Befriend large format tiles



Watch a tiny space magically seem larger with the installation of large format tiles. Whether it is floor tiles or wall tiles, larger ones not only add depth to a room but also make the space look cleaner and more impactful once you enter.