Décor ideas for your child’s room

Happy children


Our homes are our safe-haven. While the world outside seems terrifying, our home is where we find most comfort. Similarly, it is extremely essential for a child to feel fully secure at home. Our homes are where we make most of our childhood memories. We all know how important it is own our own space and seek privacy. It is no surprise that children spend a lot of time in their bedroom. Used for sleeping, playing and working, it follows that their space should be a reflection of their little personalities. Isprava’s private villa in Goa in Goa and luxury villas for sale in Coonoor incorporate necessary elements for children to never want to leave their rooms. We gave curated a list of all things fun, to energise the décor in your child’s room.


Bed and comfort


Comfortable & soft bed


Needless to say, a bunk bed is a universal favourite and dream of every kid. So stock up a bed over the other but make sure to add fun elements like a slide instead of a ladder to move up and down. You can also go for a bed on wheels for the boys or a boat shaped bed for the girls. If the room is for a single child, try setting up a single bed to allow more space. Don’t forget to throw in lots of cosy pillows, comforters and a melting mattress.


Play space


Play space for your little ones


If your kids’ room is big enough, add a play space in it. This is the best way to add all the fun you can in their room. Add a playhouse or a teepee! They’re an effortless way to create a fun space and can definitely ample toy storage. You can choose a playhouse or a teepee that matches their room colour. This space will also be transformed into a magical bedtime reading space. Another way is to simply add a playful rug. Stash some toys in a box or under the bed, so that your kids can have access to their belongings whenever they want to play.


Wall of fame


Wall of fame


When thinking of ideas for decorating a kids’ room, using any artwork as wall decor can make their place so much more special. So, why not use their own artwork for decoration? If they are learning how to draw, write or paint, they will be proud to hang their work for all to see. It’s easy to make a wall décor with art pieces that will allow them to hang and choose what they want to display. For a striking piece of art, enlarge a favourite photo, then cut even sections and frames. Here you have got amazing artwork for your kids’ room decoration. Display their achievements like trophies, medals and certificates right by their artwork. Humble the display of achievements by putting up cute pictures of the little ones and everything they love.


Colour me fun


Colour me fun


It’s time to move past the blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Let the kids choose their favourite colour while you couple complementing accent pieces that let it shine. Go for pastel hues on the walls and ceilings with prints and pops of solid tones. Adding designs and patterns to the paint on the walls and floors adds excitement to the room. Isprava’s luxury villas in Goa and villas in Coonoor have thoughtful colour schemes applied in every kids’ room.

Picture Courtesy: pexels.com