Love, bliss & hues

Outdoor seating with a pool


Introducing Fonteira Vaddo

Say hello to Isprava’s picturesque gated community! Inspired by a charming Portuguese village, Fonteira Vaddo is tailor-made for the most blissful getaways.

Terrace for chilling

Located in idyllic Assagaon, Goa, Fonteira Vaddo redefines luxury. Spread across 4,000 sqm of land, this gated community provides quick and easy access to the hippest cafés, restaurants and yoga retreats in Assagaon.

There are six homes up for rent here, each connected to the other by a dreamy cobblestone pathway. What’s more? These homes are fitted with the most striking doors and windows that once graced the homes of royalty. Impressive much? There is also an abundance of sit-outs, terraces and balconies here, where you can happily spend some quiet time reading a good book or sipping on a hot cup of tea or coffee. The gazebo, private garden and swimming pool are designed for those impromptu tea parties or private pool-side brunches.

One thing is for sure – once you set foot in Fonteira Vaddo, you will never want to leave!


Romantic getaways with Lohono Stays by Isprava

Thinking about an uber-luxurious romantic getaway? With Lohono Stays, expect the most exquisite properties, the finest service and an experience that is steeped in all things romance.

Beach with a view

Looking to spend some much-needed quality time with your partner? We suggest you look no further. Lohono Stays, our premium platform, offers every discerning traveller a taste of the good life. Comfortably elegant spaces coupled with top-notch service make for an inimitable experience that is all about the finer details. The Lohono experience is all about those stunning views that creep up on you when you least expect them to, the way the sun shines through the windows and onto your bodies as you rise and about all the cosy spaces dotted around that make for great cuddle spots, with a pot of tea resting by the side.

So bring a few friends along with their partners this Valentine’s and expect to receive the royal treatment. Think luxurious homes and villas, airport transfers, modern amenities, in-house chefs who will cook scrumptious meals and a team that will do everything for you. Yes, they will organize everything from a yoga session in the breezy backyards to foot rubs by the sea, followed by magical barbecue nights under star-studded skies. We cannot think of a better way to unwind, relax and reconnect.

Go on, then. Let Lohono Stays curate a picture-perfect romantic getaway for you and yours.


The pastel parade

We have got a penchant for pastel this season! Here is how you can incorporate this design trend into your homes.

Pastel colours

Move over, neutrals! Pastel is big on the design scene this year. People everywhere are using it to spiff up their walls or to bring in a dose of infectious cheer to their rooms, through wallpapers, paints and even tiles. We absolutely adore this colour palette, which offers a plethora of soothing hues and tints that can be used across your space, in many different ways.


Wall of fame

Don’t want to go all pastel? Try an accent wall. It can add tons of character to any room. We recommend going for a minty green or shell pink.


The shelf life

A great idea would be to add pastel trinkets and baubles to your bookshelf. Think small house plants in pastel pots, a large candle in a soothing shade of pink or even a trinket tray in pretty pastel hues.


Curtain call

Consider playing around with curtains. Pastel drapes are not just a great way to embrace this season’s décor trend, but also lend the room a cheery, cosy vibe.


Pillow talk

How about adding a few throw pillows to your sofas? Go for pastel ones in soothing shades of butter yellow, baby blue and soft pink, guaranteed to make your couch pop!


Be floored

Pastel hues on your floors is a good idea, too! If you can handle a bit of re-tiling work, consider laying out your bathrooms with pretty pastel tiles. Alternately, you could bring home beautiful rugs in a mix of pastel hues (whites, pinks and blues work wonders together) and arrange them artfully on your living room or bedroom floors.



If you enjoy painting, look for furniture in your home or office that needs a new coat of paint. An end-table, perhaps? Then, give it a new lick of paint in a beautiful new shade such as mint green or frosted orange and watch your space transform into a thing of beauty.


Sweet Musings

The perfect breakfast, the most beautiful destination, the most decadent dessert…we have got sweet dreamy things on our mind this month. In conversation with Sahil Engineer, Founder of Planetary Foods, and the man that fills our welcome hampers with some really fun goodies.

Sahil Engineer, Founder of Planetary Foods


1) Everyone who comes to Lohono Stays by Isprava loves the waffle chips, what do you love most about Lohono?

I am really glad that everyone loves the Waffle Chips! We are looking forward to introducing the Lohono community to all our upcoming treats.

There are many things that I love about Lohono but if I had to pick one, I would say it is the people involved. Right from the guards to the management team! It is a wonderful community of people and I enjoy my interactions, both as a guest and as a vendor.


2) Tell us about your favourite villa and an experience you have had with us?

I absolutely love Igreha Vaddo. It is the perfect blend of luxury and community, and it is ideal for trips with a bigger group.

My family and I stayed in Villa C and D and spent our time getting some sun, playing cards and eating at our favourite restaurants. The hospitality team organised a barbecue for us that was out of this world.


3) How do you strike a balance between health and temptations when you work in a space which involves pancakes, brownies and waffles! Tell us about your fitness regime?

Okay, I have to be honest here. This is a massive challenge for me. I consider myself the head product tester and I find it hard to resist temptation when I am at the factory.

However, now that our business has started to grow, I am spending less time at the factory and more time with clients and with our marketing and sales teams.

In terms of my fitness regime, I keep it simple. I try and work out more days than I don’t and I try and eat right during the week and treat myself on the weekends.


4) Your favourite breakfast, destination and dessert – tell us more.

Breakfast – Sunnyside up eggs, my mum’s pork sorpotel and some buttered pav. There is nothing better!
Destination – Barcelona. It is a city that has absolutely everything.
Dessert – My mum’s strawberry pie and profiteroles.
(I know I am going on and on about my mum’s food but it is really that good)


5) Your most memorable travel experience?

Very very tough to pick one but in terms of memorability I’d have to go back to my boarding school days. I lucked out and got to be part of a group of 30 students that went to the Andamans. This was a couple of years after the devastating tsunami in 2004 so the islands were still recovering. Seeing the impact and hearing the stories of the survivors really put life into perspective.

On a lighter note, the beaches, the WWII wrecks, and the pretty exchange students add to the nostalgia too.