2020, the way forward

Isprava Luxury villa in Goa


Looking back at 2019, a year filled with a few ups and downs, we have come a long way. In the past year, we faced a few hurdles and external barriers. The external barriers slowed-down the growth of the real estate industry and directly affected all the businesses under this umbrella. We saw customer’s confidence weaken followed by a lag in project developments due to the formalities attached with RERA and other government policies. Although, we at Isprava, managed to keep our head above the water, despite the limitations and problems, we must admit that the waves of this turmoil floated towards our shore too.


Private Pool at an Isprava villa


However, the coming months seem brighter and we look forward to 2020 being a great year for the real estate market as well as Isprava. Isprava is not only a synonym to luxury but also trust and transparency. These guiding principles helped us stay afloat in the hurdle-filled years and will continue to direct us to furthermore progress in the coming years. It is because of our transparent processes that our customers have blind faith in us and we want to build on this trust.


Outdoor seating at luxury villa


This year, we have rolled up our sleeves, all the more tightly. Building on the principles of trust and transparency paired with a few others, we want to spin the wheels of Isprava’s growth faster. Commitment and efficiency are traits every Isprava team member is borne with. The New year will see an increase in both to tackle the problems of slow haste. Enhancing our customer’s experiences with seamless purchase processes, delivery before time, hassle-free communication and coordination, world-class designs and simplified processes of due-diligence, is how we want to win our customer’s heart. At Isprava, our customer is our king and this value helps us to offer the most unique service an edge over all competitors.


Luxury bedroom at Isprava


Our luxury villas for sale in Goa and luxury villas in Coonoor, reflect our values and commitment towards providing our customers with nothing but the best. To be able to meet all our goals and timelines is what will keep us ahead of the curve.