Sell Experiences, Not Products!

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Produce. Advertise. Sell. In the earlier days selling a product or service was as simple as that. Customers simply carried out purchasing based on products and pricing. The main factors driving customers to buy products were its cost or the product or service alone. This is an old and outdated strategy. Customers are buying the experiences they get from the products and services they purchase. It is all about perception and how you make the customers feel when they purchase your product or service that will keep them coming back for more.


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It’s all about how you make your customers feel. Customers are seeking experiences that they can share and talk about. They want something that adds value to them along with serving its purpose. Let us take the classic example of Apple. It provides a premium range of mobile phones at a high price. The purpose of a mobile phone is nothing but communication. However, the majority of people still choose to buy an Apple iPhone over all other brands. Why? The answer is simple; it is because it provides its customers with an experience like no other. The end-user experience is extremely convenient, value-adding and satisfying. The features are top-notch and unique, the design is classy and the accessibility is hassle-free. These factors drive almost every 4th individual to buy an Apple iPhone.


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Customers make purchases based on feelings. Their emotions drive them to buy products or services. Ninety per cent (or more) of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously, according to research. That means we’re not making our decisions logically. We’re relying on our emotions. Positive experiences appeal more to emotion than a static product or service. Experiences are relatable and can be shared. Taking an example of Apple again, it is not the camera features that the customer talks about, but the picture it takes. An Apple iPhone clicks the most stunning pictures with great quality providing its customers with something to share. Customers that eat in a restaurant do not only go there to eat a meal, but also experience the ambience, the service and have a good time. A restaurant may be serving the most delicious food, but if it cannot curate a unique or compelling experience then the customer is less likely to go back.


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The value of experiences is so powerful in the consumer world that it has created new business models. The sharing economy and the boom in subscription services are two examples. In both situations, you can get everything you need without owning anything. For example, most of us now stream our music without purchasing a single song. And social media focuses on pictures, stories, and videos about what people are doing right at that moment, instead of what they own long term.



We, at Isprava try to curate the most discerning experiences. Both our verticals, Development and Vacation Rentals aim at providing our customers with the best experiences. Our Development vertical provides the customer with a seamless purchase experience, where we advise on and carry out every step in the purchase process. From looking for the right land to due diligence, from countless paper-work to legal approvals, Isprava makes buying a luxury villa in Goa or luxury villa in Coonoor a hassle-free experience. Our Vacation Rental services also curate the most heart-warming experiences for its guests. We take care of every need and detail that I guest could desire from organising yoga classes to barbecues, in-house chefs to restaurant bookings Isprava’s luxury holiday homes have it all.


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