How to create a welcoming ambience at home


Welcome abode!

It has been rightly said that our home depicts our personality. We put together and display pieces of ourselves through our homes. The ambience of our home sets tone to its mood. The friendlier and warmer the home, the more comfortable and appealing it seems. Winter is right around the corner but that need not leave the aura of your home cold and dry. Allow your home to radiate warm and welcoming vibes with the touch of these details.



The entrance of your homes is essential to be looked at, for creating a welcoming ambience. After all, it is the first meeting point to an outsider. Nothing says the word ‘ welcome’  louder than large doors with neutral shades like white, brown or beige. Isprava’s villas for rent in Goa and luxury villas for sale in Coonoor have doors sourced from heritage mansions, government offices and post offices that have been refurbished into stunning and wide entrances.



Paint your walls with soft accents. Let the furniture spark colourful pops. Shades like white, peach, beige and coffee enunciate simplicity and elegance. Tones on lines of these shades will make your home space feel light and friendly. Bold colours like red, navy blue and parrot green will add some fun to your interiors making them stand out. And finally, shades like black, rust and off white in your bathroom will add depth to your privacy providing your home with the most balanced ambience. Isprava’s luxury villas for sale in Goa and independent house for sale in Coonoor are the perfect mix and match of soft tones and bold hues.



Create cosy and comfortable nooks in the stranded corners of your home. Add standing lamps with chairs or soft mattresses and bean bags. A cosy reading corner with plenty of pillows or a couch nest can revive large living rooms, but the same effect can be achieved even on a fraction of the price. Not only will it add a welcoming appeal but also create some extra seating space.



Boost the energy at home by allowing the sunshine in through clear glass windows. Light is essential for a welcoming atmosphere. Dress up your windows with lace curtains to soften the texture of the home. You can also install skylights or fixtures with dimming control so that the ambience would be both bright and cosier when necessary.



An unpleasant smell can spoil the setting of the home. Fragrances and scents spread freshness all around the home and a quick change of mood. However, it is also necessary to choose subtle fragrances as strong ones could cause nausea and headaches and drive your guests farther away.



Photographs also help create a welcoming ambience. Photographs tell your story and help your guests to know you and feel familiar. Planters are another way to make the ambience of your home more welcoming. The greens offer an amiable approach and help the home to bloom.

At Isprava’s luxury holiday homes, bespoke villa for rent in Coonoor and luxury villas for rent in Goa, you will find a combination of all these ingredients that cook up to the best and most welcoming homes.

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