Delicacies of Coonoor


The world is ever-changing and the pace of life is doubling up its speed every day. People are worn down by the stress of work and monotonous activities. The working class finds it extremely difficult to balance their work-life. Therefore, a mini-vacation has now become essential to the well-being of an individual. Where a long international vacation seems like a far-fetched thought for those who are constantly caught up amid work, a quick respite within national boundaries seems to be an ideal break. Whether you enjoy the salty coastlines of a beach state or the valleys views from hill stations, the widespread geography of India allows you to visit all. To top it all Isprava’s luxury holiday homes in Goa and private villas in Coonoor will provide you with the most refreshing getaway. If amidst nature is where you belong, then the Nilgiris is the place to be. Here are a few nibbles you can look forward to while in Coonoor to enjoy a blissful vacation.



Take a walk down the gastronomic memory lane through the Nilgiris to remind you of what amazing flavours exist way up in the hills. And if it is your first time here, visit Isprava at one of its beautiful colonial-style villas in Coonoor, to make sure not to miss a single delicacy. After all, the clean, eucalyptus-scented air, and walking around the long winding roads will build up an appetite. Here is our pick of old favourites:



Visit Ramchandra’s and ask for the Wellington Special. What you will discover is the largest, most scrumptious parotta ever, served piping hot, stuffed with mutton mince and a coating of egg. It pairs perfectly with a bowl of mutton gravy. Large enough for at least two people to devour, this is a textural flavour bomb that once had you will never forget. Then, go bakery hopping. Many of the bakeries have been around for a long time, located in the heart of the town, often surrounded by beautiful aromas of freshly baked bread, puffs and biscuits. Try Crown Bakery in Coonoor, known since 1880 for its honey cakes, hot cross buns and the special Ooty Varkey biscuit. The biscuit is storied to have come into existence thanks to a baker misfiring on the consistency of a puff pastry and rolling it up into balls and baking them instead. The result was a light, flaky, crisp, sweet and salty biscuit, named after the baker, himself. It goes best with a steaming hot Nilgiri chai. Visit in the evening to enjoy the fresh bakes! Finally, satiate your sweet tooth by indulging in chocolate fudge from King Star, or a thick slice of wood-oven baked bread from National Bakery lathered with plum jam or peach reserve, or as for the best: pink coconut barfi! This is no ordinary coconut mithai. They are small pink squares of sweet, juicy coconut with minute crystallized sugar peaks that will melt in your mouths! What are you waiting for? Book an Isprava villa for rent in Coonoor and visit the Nilgiris for food memories that will last forever.


Picture Courtesy: Tour my India, Trip Advisor and HolidayIQ.