Décor trends to follow this Diwali

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Our favourite festival Diwali is right around the corner. The season is bright and the feelings are warm. People are ready the welcome the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. While some are busy getting their walls painted and others are on a cleaning spree we have picked out a list of fun but elegant interior décor trending this year.




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Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. It is only right to jazz up your home, windows and balconies with the best set of lights. Allow the Diwali lights to add some elegance and appeal to your home. Try a warm setting for the interiors using yellow shades of the sunlight. Deck the windows up with fairy lights creatively wrapped around or placed in bottles, bowls or other glass vessels announcing beauty. Run a pretty line of big ball drops or other bigger sized shapes with bulbs, adding some authenticity. Isprava’s luxury villas for sale in Goa and Coonoor are lit up with the finest of lights for Diwali.






Rangoli adds colour and life to the homes. Whether it is a simple border design or an elaborate central artwork, rangoli designs are just alluring! You can dress up your corridors with colourful designs. rangoli stencils also help in making some gorgeous designs and simplifying the process. This Diwali, celebrate the hues using rangoli. Glory is added to the best luxury villas with beautiful rangoli artwork.






Diyas run almost synonymous to Diwali. The variety available is overwhelming and sometimes confusing. However, we know just the right diyas that you can use to set up a certain ambience. If you are one for an earthy look then you must try the handmade mud diyas. They will showcase the simplicity and efficiently manage to send out the traditional festive vibes like they always have. If you are one for elegance and panache, then you can go for glass or brass diyas. These look stunning set on top tables and other furniture and bring an extra shine to the home. Lastly, you can add metal base diyas like those made of steel to your home to showcase an essence of humility coupled with beauty. At Isprava’s villas for rent in Goa and Coonoor, we like to light up our pathways with diya’s to add to the appeal.


Floral Decoration




Diwali celebrations are incomplete without the use of flowers. Use flowers as wall hangings and main door decorations. They can also be used to make a beautiful floral rangoli or a set around floating candles. Flowers bring freshness and vibrancy to the home and the festival of Diwali. Villas with private pools can be encompassed by colour flowers or even filled with floating ones.





Lanterns form an important accessory to the festival of Diwali. They signify lighting the hope of lord Ram’s arrival. Not only do they look authentic but they also add uniqueness to the collection of decors. A lantern is a standalone piece making a central impact. You can put up a monumental lantern mimicking a chandelier right in the centre of the room or a collection of mini lanterns hanging all around. Isprava’s Goa villa for rent and villas in Coonoor have bespoke French windows that are decked up every Diwali with cute strings of lanterns to highlight the beauty.

Diwali is the season that draws everybody closer. The skies are filled with mesmerising fireworks, smiles caught up in the tasty sweets and hearts warm with bright lights. Isprava wishes you and your family a Prosperous Diwali.