Features of a luxurious bathroom

Luxurious bathroom


A fine home is incomplete without a luxurious bathroom. We all can agree that although our bedroom or living room couches are most comforting, a bathroom is a place we seek most privacy. Did you know every individual spends at least, one and a half year of their life, on an average, in their bathroom? So it is only fair to dress up your bathroom with the best of luxe. Here is a list of items that you can use to incorporate luxury in your very own bathroom.



Luxury bathtub or mini spa


To begin with everybody’s favourite, nothing spells luxury better than a bathtub or a mini spa. Where hotel rooms are most desired for their in-room tubs, why not have one in your very own bathroom?  A soaker tub is the epitome of luxury for any bathroom. Select the right material for your tub, such as cast-iron, copper or brass for retaining the bathwater heat longer than a porcelain or acrylic tub. To be able to soak in the warm waters and drown all your worries after a long stressful day is the delightful taste of luxury.

Toasty towels


Soft and cosy towels


After washing off under your bathroom shower, nothing is more soul comforting than the touch of a toasty towel. The warmth of these fresh and soft towels will help you unwind and add an essence of opulence to your bathroom. At Isprava’s luxury private villas for rent, we have adopted the use of these cosy towels to offer the experience of luxurious comfort to our guests.

Glass showers and modular units


Luxurious glass shower cubicle


An essential element of a luxurious bathroom is the shower space and modular unit it hosts. A true luxury bath design features a separate shower that is styled with exquisite finishing touches, such as fixtures and tile choices. A sleek glass shower cubicle along with shining shower handles and handsets adds a classy touch to the bathroom. A custom-designed walk-thru shower can be made with two sets of showerheads, body jets and sprays. The bathrooms in Isprava’s luxury holiday homes are well equipped with stunning shower handles. A bathroom so posh, you would never want to get out.



Luxurious ambience lighting


The correct play of lighting can add grandeur to your washroom. A luxurious ambience can be created by using dim yellow lights to relax or bright ones to highlight the bathroom features.  Isprava’s luxury villas for rent and sale in Goa and Coonoor feature a collection of rich lighting forming a scene of affluence in the bathroom.



Mirrors of luxury villas in Goa


Adding a large and long mirror to your bathroom will not only help make it look spacious but also add a feeling of richness to it. The bathrooms in Isprava’s Luxury villas in Goa with private pools have live size mirrors installed for our guests to grab a good look of themselves.

Marble flooring



Marble tile is considered one of the most luxurious surface choices for a luxury bathroom. There are many choices when it comes to which marble to use in your bathroom. Will you use marble on the floors only or will you go with tiled wall? Tiled walls can be floor to ceiling or halfway as wainscoting. A custom-built shower is also a great place to highlight the use of marble tile.  The bathrooms of Isprava’s private bungalows on rent in Goa and Coonoor are built on beautifully designed marble tiles.



Spacious and luxury bathroom


Space is almost a synonym to a luxurious bathroom. The larger and more spacious the bathroom the more luxurious it feels. Having different spaces allotted for the shower base, a dry area to change, some room to move about, etc helps create an environment of richness and finesse.  Isprava’s holiday villas for rent and sale in Goa and Coonoor are spacious giving our guests the perfect amount of room and privacy.

These are a few luxurious bathroom features. Isprava’s homes are instilled with all these and many more luxurious features to offer the best of experiences to our customers.

Picture Courtesy: prysznicczywanna.com