Interview with Macebeth Carvalho


Macebeth is a Marketing Manager at Isprava and is quirky, positive and always full of questions. She is a huge animal lover and enjoys learning more about the marketing and real estate space. We chat with her and find out more about her!

Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you end up at Isprava?
I consider my personality to be dynamic. I love reading and traveling solo. I always knew I wanted to do marketing but unfortunately, due to lack of guidance accepted a very different role in my previous job, which I gladly realised soon that it wasn’t for me. I thank my stars for a call one day asking if I wanted a job in marketing. I didn’t think twice. And here I am.

What is your role here?
I work in the capacity of a Marketing Manager. I, with the help of my team, manage online and offline activities for Isprava; from research to brainstorming of ideas to execution, we strategise various ways to engage with existing customers and touch base with potential customers.

What is your favourite part of your role?
I absolutely love marketing and thus love my work; my entire profile is my favourite. Whether it’s research, brainstorming, digital, PR, photoshoots even packaging or putting labels, I love every aspect of it. Additionally, I have an amazing team to work with. They make me want to come to work every day with a smile on my face.

Tell us a little bit about the culture at the office?
The culture is the best part of Isprava. We follow a flat structure and consider our colleagues as friends. Feedback is always constructive and well-received. The entire team across departments are super enthusiastic about their work that it just encourages you to be better every day and in every way. There is always something new to learn each day.

Were you always inclined toward the luxury space? If so, how do you feel it evolving in India now?
No, I have not always been inclined towards luxury spaces. To me, luxury was some sorts of subjective. However, it was at Isprava that I realised that luxury is not restricted to materials but rather is a way of being. With a higher millennial demographic, who are constantly looking/ open to experience something different, and increasing disposable incomes, I think this perspective has finally set afoot in India and is being looked at more closely.

Are you more a beach person who loves the energy of Goa or the tranquil calm of the lush Nilgiris?
Always the energy of Goa.

What does luxury mean to Isprava?
To Isprava, luxury means exclusivity with utmost comfort. We wish to leave a legacy through exceptional style, thoughtful personalisation and service that goes the extra mile.


Rapid Fire

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Think of the things I need to do for the day

What are three things we will find on your desk?
Laptop, book and assortment of tea

Favourite vacation spot?

A celebrity you would like to have a drink with?
Alexander Nix – CEO of Cambridge Analytica

If you could have a holiday home anywhere, where would it be?
New Zealand – The entire country from Cape Brett in the North to Dunedin in the South mesmerizes me.

Favourite TV character?
Miss. Phryne Fisher