Living room trends of the year


Home is where the heart is, and the living room is definitely what makes most of it. It reflects your personality in the truest form, where you unwind at the end of the day in front of the television and where you host friends and family for a get-together. It deserves care and attention in every aspect, from cleanliness and ambiance to the interior décor and aesthetics. With new entrants in the design and decor trends every year, the same becomes a smooth feat. Here are some of the living room trends that will guide you this time around.


Statement ceilings



Statement lights had been huge the past year, and this year too, statement in every aspect is taking over the living rooms. Bold ceilings, from the chandeliers and colours to installments and patterns are one of the biggest trends now.


Maximal wall art



As mentioned earlier, we’re going huge and out this year; this also includes the walls. Maximal wall art in the form of dramatic paintings and art pieces are welcome to the living room today. Though care should be taken as to not overdo it all; stick to less quantity and more panache and quality.





It’s an unsaid rule that your house needs to reflect you, which means your personal belongings and items that define you need to be placed around your home. However, this trend is a little heavier than just that basic design rule. It requires you to exaggerate and make a statement with your personality – your choices, interests, souvenirs and more.





With personal touch and maximal elements being a part of the trends, the participation of multi-functional furniture in it is almost inevitable. Coffee tables, couches, shelves, etc., that can be lent different roles is what this trend is about.


Fearless hues



Since we’re talking unabashedly bold and exaggerated here, this year, we take the same route to interior colour palette as well. Opt for loud hues, saturated tones, and unconventional fabrics and patterns for the furniture, walls, and décor.

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Picture Courtesy: Elle Decor.